The MaineLinks September 13, 2021

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Week of September 13, 2021

Training Resources & Information

What to Know!

Searching for employment is more effective if you first take time to make a plan:

  1. Clarify your job goals – write them down
  2. Set a schedule to keep on track
    1. Monday – Look for jobs
    2. Tuesday – Write Targeted Resumes for jobs found
    3. Wednesday – Apply to jobs
    4. Thursday – Network
    5. Friday – Follow-up with job applications from prior week(s) and networking contacts
  3. Define a workspace – maintain a healthy work-life balance
  4. Establish milestones – treat yourself for attaining goals

Maine’s Hire-A-Vet Campaign is underway.  Keep an eye out for the upcoming workshops and hiring events. All hiring events & most workshops are open to the public.

This Week!

Hiring Events: (Click on “Hiring Events” link for full list)

Workshops: (click on the “Workshop” link for more)

FED Workshop:  

Other Opportunities!

Workforce Training:

Training Talk!

With most Maine Colleges having started or getting ready to start classes for the fall  semester.  Here are some other resources to look at for FREE training options:

Workers who are at the end of their unemployment benefits and in an approved training program may be granted up to an additional 26 weeks of unemployment benefits if needed while completing their training programs

Food and clothing banks are very important for assisting families with food and clothing during times of stress. You can contact the town in which you live, call 211 or log on to The Emergency Food Assistance Program - (TEFAP) to find out where these banks are located

Maine farmers' markets are located throughout the State, and each offers a unique blend of personalities and products.

September is:

Self-Improvement Month! Self-improvement is an ongoing practice that everyone should try.  Here are some basic ways to take care of yourself and improve:

  1. Adopt an exercise routine
  2. Read some books
  3. Volunteer
  4. Take a class

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