The MaineLinks June 7, 2021

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Week of June 7, 2021

Training Resources & Information

Did You Know!

Maine CareerCenter resources:

  1. Maine CareerCenter Resource Page ~ information is available for jobseekers, employers, & relocation
  2. Maine CareerCenter Digital Library ~ contains FAQ’s and quick resource guides as well as several digital handbooks that contain a wealth of information.
  3. Reemployment services guide ~ a vast array of information on everything job hunting

That the USAJobs website provides links to:

  1. 12 Special Hiring paths to include Veteran and Military Spouse hiring paths
  2. Events: hiring and training
  3. Information on the Federal Application Process
  4. Federal job listings in Mathematics, Engineering, HR, and much more!


Hiring Events: (Click on “Hiring Events” link for full list)

Workshops: (click on the “Workshop” link for more)

FED Workshops:  

Other Opportunities!

Workforce Training:

SafetyWorks! Has added some online classes and videos to their inventory!

SBA Webinar: Basic Business Startup ~ 6/24

Job Corps offers FREE Training for jobseekers ages 16 - 24

Training Talk!

Adult literacy intersects with almost every socioeconomic issue—parenting, health, workforce development, and poverty. Adult education helps break the cycles of intergenerational illiteracy and poverty by giving adults the skills they need to be successful as workers and parents.

Maine Prisoner Re-Entry Network (MPRN), exists to measurably reduce Maine’s recidivism rate. MPRN employs a local community approach to the issues facing the formerly incarcerated and our community at large.

Eligible Maine Veterans interested in attending any college or university in Maine can work with Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) - free of charge - to understand G.I Benefits and more.

 June is:

National PTSD Awareness Month

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder that some people develop after seeing or living through an event that caused or threatened serious harm or death. PTSD may result in sleep problems, irritability, anger, recurrent dreams about the trauma, intense reactions to reminders of the trauma, disturbances in relationships, and isolation.

National Safety Month

As the pandemic continues, employers play an important role in expanding operations and returning remote workers to physical workspaces, building trust around vaccines, supporting mental health and so much more. Employers wishing to set up a clinic at their office/facility can help get their employees vaccinated.

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