PLEASE READ: 2020 Any-Deer Permit Results


The 2020 any-deer permit lottery results are now available online!

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We ask that you please take a moment to review the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website carefully before calling or emailing us with questions.

Lottery results include the first and last name, town of residence, and hunting license number for persons who are drawn for a permit or permits. You willl need to record your permit number(s) so you have it on hand when you visit a registration station with your harvested deer or if you wish to transfer or swap permits. You will not receive a permit in the mail! Swaps and transfers will be available to complete online beginning September 15. 


Understanding your permit number


The first two numbers of your permit number indicate the Wildlife Management District (WMD) your permit is for. For example 23R000000 is for WMD 23.
For bonus antlerless permits in the two subunits 25a and 26a, the permit numbers will start with the first 3 characters of 25a or 26a. For example, 25aRB000000 would be for subunit 25a. Learn more about deer management subunits.


The letter(s) in your permit number that follows the first two digits indicates the type of permit you were drawn for. 
J = Junior Any-Deer Permit
L = Landowner Any-Deer Permit
R = Regular Any-Deer Permit for Residents and Non-Residents
S = Superpack Antlerless Deer Permit
RB = Bonus Antlerless Deer Permit


Bonus antlerless permits:


There are often a lot of questions related to bonus antlerless permits. Please read this information carefully if you were drawn for one more more bonus permit.


Q. What are bonus antlerless deer permits and how do I get one? Which districts have them?
A. Bonus antlerless deer permits are only awarded in WMD's where there are more permits available than applications received and in deer management subunits.


Q. How many bonus antlerless deer permits can one person have?
A. A person may accumulate multiple bonus permits and they may harvest one antlerless deer for every bonus permit they possess. A person can be drawn for one or two bonus permits and may have additional bonus permits transferred to them by other permit holders.
Again, a person may harvest one antlerless deer for every bonus permit they hold. 


Q. Can I fill my bonus antlerless deer tag before my regular any-deer permit?
A. Yes you can, there is no order in which your tags have to be filled.


Q. What is a Deer Management Subunit?
A. As part of an effort to mitigate some of the impacts associated with locally overabundant deer, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has proposed issuing a limited number of antlerless bonus permits in select areas of the state referred to as deer management subunits. See Deer Management Subunits for more information.