Enjoying time outdoors this holiday weekend?



The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife reminds you that the vast majority of us enjoy outdoor adventures on private land. Maine is extremely fortunate that landowners allow access for outdoor recreation, for without that generosity, there would be very few places to explore. Respect their property and take the extra step to show your gratitude.


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7 Ways to be a good land user

  • Always ask for permission
  • Learn what matters most to the landowner
  • Provided detailed information
  • Know your boundaries
  • Keep it clean
  • Keep it legal
  • Say thank you

It is important to remember that the private land you use for recreation belongs to someone else, just as surely as your car or home belongs to you, and accessing it is a privilege, not a right. Learn more at mefishwildlife.com


What do purple stripes mean?

purple paint

Have you ever noticed a tree, rock or post painted with a vertical purple stripe and wonder what it means? 


One vertical "OSHA Safety Purple" stripe at least one inch in width and at least 8 inches in length means "Access by Permission Only" when it is placed on trees, posts or stones between three and five feet off the ground. 


Remember, in addition to paint marks or signs, landowners may also, either verbally or in writing, personally communicate to others that access is prohibited. It is unlawful to remove, mutilate, deface or destroy a sign or paint mark that is placed in order to prohibit or restrict access; and it is unlawful to post the land of another without permission of the landowner.


Show your support and become an Outdoor Partner!

The Outdoor Partners Program provides funding to protect Maine's longstanding tradition of public access to privately owned land.


Funds from the Outdoor Partners Program go to:

  1. Enhanced law enforcement in areas where problems occur
  2. The landowner sign program, which offers an alternative to No Trespassing signs and aids landowners in managing access to their land
  3. Equipment to investigate and prosecute landowner abuse and criminal trespass complaints
  4. Promotional and educational programs designed to promote and maintain access

Becoming a member of the Outdoor Partners Program is simple!

Learn more at mefishwildlife.com/outdoorpartners