As the holiday weekend approaches, be prepared to stay safe and have fun on the trails!


Labor Day weekend is here and for many that means a weekend on the trails!

atv trail in maine


Please drive safe and respectfully so the trails stay open and your holiday weekend ends with happy memories: 

  • Register your ATV. ATVs are required to be registered! Registration fees provide the funding to build and maintain the trail system and help support the clubs and volunteers who provide the critical work to maintain trails systems and also supports private landowners who allow trail access!
  • Never drink and ride!
  • Stay on marked ATV trails (ATV trails have green and white signs. Not all snowmobile trails are ATV trails).  
  • Drive to the right and at an appropriate speed.
  • Tread lightly - Don’t tear up the trail!
  • Remember that modified exhausts are illegal.
  • Be respectful on ATV access routes - Yield to all traffic and never pass a vehicle.

Please realize that without the use of private land, most trails wouldn't exist. Your ability to ride is a privilege that is granted to you by the landowner. Please respect their wishes and their land as if it were your own.

How to register your ATV: 

ATV registrations are valid from July 1st through June 30th. ATV registrations fees go directly to clubs or landowners for trail maintenance, so your compliance ensures quality trails and riding experiences. The easiest way to renew your ATV registration is online. 


First time resident ATV registrations cannot be completed online. If this is your first time registering your ATV please call your town office to see if they are open.


If you cannot register your ATV online or at the town office, MDIFW will work with you to register your ATV. Please call the main office at 207-287-8000 for further assistance.

We hope you enjoy the incredible views and time in the Maine woods!