Monthly Review from the Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife: September 2016

monthly review

September 2016

Dave Boucher, Fisheries Biologist, Awarded Department’s Highest Honor Posthumously


David Boucher, fisheries biologist, author and division supervisor, was posthumously awarded the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Kenneth Anderson Award. IFW Commissioner Chandler Woodcock presented the award to Dave’s wife Christa earlier today in Augusta. READ MORE

Managing Deer Wintering Areas Is One Aspect Of A Regional Biologist’s Job


As a regional biologist, one of our responsibilities is working with landowners to manage deer wintering areas (DWA’s).  White-tailed deer are at the northern edge of their range here in Maine, and these deer wintering areas are critical for the overwintering survival of whitetail deer, and thus important in the long-term management of this species. READ MORE

Winners! 2016 Landowner Appreciation Day


The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife & the Maine Forest Service hosted a statewide clean-up event on Sunday, September 18th 2016. This event helped private landowners in Maine by organizing a clean-up day for illegally disposed litter on their land. The statewide event sends a clear message that we appreciate their generosity for access and use of private land for outdoor recreation. READ MORE

Fish Invasions Take A Toll On Native Fisheries


Working in the Belgrade Lakes Region (Region B), it’s not unusual to get weekly calls with reports of new introductions of invasive/exotic fish species. Some of these reports turn out to be false, but unfortunately, many are accurate. The cast of invading characters is long. In the recent past, it has included smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, black crappie, northern pike, bluegill, white catfish, walleye, landlocked alewives, goldfish, and koi. We even had a report of snakeheads a few years back. Fortunately, that one turned out to be a hoax. READ MORE

Looking For Areas To Hunt? Check Out The Sebasticook Woodlands WMA and the Carlton Stream WMA


As a regional wildlife biologist one of the most common questions that we address this time of year is “I am not a landowner so where is there a place for me to hunt”?  As posting of land has become more prevalent the sense that some sportsmen get is that there is no longer any good place left to hunt. READ MORE

Recipients Selected for the 2016 Lifetime Outdoor Achievement Award


We are pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Lifetime Outdoor Achievement Award. Oscar Cronk of Wiscasset, Maine, Gary Cobb of North New Portland, Maine, and Jim Martin of Bangor, Maine. These three gentleman were recognized at the recent SAM banquet by Commissioner Woodcock and Deputy Commissioner Peabody READ MORE

Wild Game Cooking Workshops


Looking for tips and tricks on delicious ways to prepare your freshly harvested game meat? Check out our schedule of ucoming game cookings workshops! READ MORE

Help Support Maine's Threatened and Endangered Species


The new Endangered and Threatened Species poster is now available for purchase! Proceeds go directly to funding for endangered and threatened species recovery and conservation in Maine. BUY NOW