Hemp Planting Reports Due Within 14 Days of Planting

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Planting Reports Due Soon After Planting

We hope Spring is finally here to stay and that means planting time is around the corner for hemp growers. First, if you haven't applied for a license yet or haven't finalized your license agreement, you need to do that ASAP. If you are planting more than one hemp cultivar (or variety or strain), we ask that you plant them in distinct lots (and not intermingle cultivars in the field), because we will be sampling plants by lots this year. Then, within 14 days of planting your outdoor grow sites, you need to complete a Planting Report Form and send it and supporting information to DACF's Hemp Program. This is what we need:

  • The completed form listing each cultivar you planted, the area (in acres or tenths of an acre, depending on your scale) and location of each "lot", and your anticipated harvest date
  • Documentation for the sources of all seeds, clones or seedlings planted, including Certificates of Analysis demonstrating that you are growing hemp
  • Any updates and clarification for grow site locations. Include aerial maps and GPS coordinates in decimal degree units. Remember, your total planted area cannot exceed the acreage stipulated in your license agreement 

The planting report forms (there are separate ones for Indoor and Outdoor production) can be found with our other forms on the hemp web page. Here is the Outdoor Planting Report Form. If you would like a Word version of the form, email mary.yurlina@maine.gov

Send your completed form and supporting documents to

Hemp Program
Maine DACF-Division of Plant Health
90 Blossom Lane
28 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0028