Thinkport Bulletin: Girl Power, Government and Democracy

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October 10, 2018


International Day of the Girl: October 11

International Day of the Girl is an important day to empower girls around the world to dream big and reach for the stars! We are showing our support by sharing educational resources about women leaders, female veterans, and giving a nod to girl power!


Women Crusaders for Rights

The 20th century brought progress and advances for many people throughout the world. In this social studies-literacy lesson, students read speeches written and delivered by important women in history in order to separate fact from opinion. Learners will also consider how the backgrounds and experiences of the women may have influenced their opinions.


Female Veterans’ Voices

Hear about some of the experiences of brave women who served in Operation Desert Storm, or the Gulf War. MPT's online inquiry kit helps students gain practice working with the research and document analysis process as they examine primary source videos, articles and personal narratives from the Library of Congress.


Girl Power!

From doctor to journalist to astronaut, girls can be anything they want to be! Watch Sesame Street’s friends from around the world sing about their dreams during International Day of the Girl, and inspire a new generation of empowered women.  

Elections, Government and Politics

The upcoming elections provide ample opportunities to teach students about politics, civics and government. The following educational activities will spark students' curiosity and engage them in a dialogue around current events. 


Abraham Lincoln Speaks

President Lincoln delivered many famous speeches during his time in office. In MPT’s online inquiry kit, students examine and analyze primary source documents and photographs surrounding four of Lincoln’s key speeches to learn more about the messages he conveyed to the nation. 


James Baker: The Man Who Made Washington Work

Learn about James Baker’s transformative career in politics with innovative online tools and resources. Through the exploration of an interactive map, geopolitical timeline, cost-benefit analysis tool, and various online activities, students gain knowledge about this political powerhouse, strategic negotiator, and former U.S. Secretary of State and the Treasury.


Citizens' Rights and Responsibilities: Voting

One of the features of a true democracy is free and open elections. In MPT's interactive module, students analyze quantitative and qualitative forms of information in order to answer compelling research questions about voter participation trends.

MPT and PBS Programs

Tune into MPT this week on air or online to catch the latest programs and specials with a local spin and focus.


Fighting Opioids Today: Maryland Communities 
Thursday, October 11 |  9:00 pm on MPT

Tune into MPT as we take a close look at the battle against opioid addiction in Maryland communities and the progress being made to restore lives. Hear  compelling stories of hope, resilience, healing, and recovery highlighting the growing number of resources available to individuals and families affected by opioid addiction. 


MPT Digital Studios: The Dig
Zebrafish in the Lab and Classroom 

When you think of a scientific laboratory, small striped fish are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, several researchers are shifting that framework, and bringing hands-on science into Baltimore City classrooms. Learn more about this fascinating program in MPT's cutting-edge digital series, The Dig. 

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