Thinkport Newsletter: Music and Art in Education (June 28, 2018)

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June 2018 


Music and art play an important role in education, our history and our everyday lives. Join us as we explore the impact of songs from the Civil War, see how art and math intersect, and meet contemporary artists who share their concepts and works.


The Evolution of a Song

The anthem “We Shall Overcome” was significant to the Civil Rights Movement and brought different groups of people together. In MPT’s online inquiry kit, students explore primary sources from the Library of Congress to learn about the importance of this meaningful song sung by many activist-singers. 


Civil War Music

Step back in time to explore audio recordings, photographs and portraits focusing on the music of the American Civil War. Students using MPT’s online inquiry kit will learn how music helped the soldiers and encouraged union supporters.  


Math in Action

See how art and math intersect in everyday life from cake artistry and designing sculptures to landscape architecture. MPT’s Math in Action videos show students the importance and fun of learning math using real-world scenarios they can identify with and enjoy.


Art School

Let your creativity flow and grow with this enticing video series that empowers people to engage with contemporary art. Meet artists who discuss their careers and demonstrate techniques in creating everything from comic strips and animations to scientific sculpture and neo-folk art.


Get Crafty with Help From PBS Parents

Spark your children’s imagination with creative arts and crafts activities in math, science, reading, writing and more. Here are just a few things you can do: make a recycled cork boat, create rattle drums, or  put together a DIY lava lamp. 

Art at PBS and MPT


Civilizations Color and Light 

Explore the story of light and color in art, both in the search for greater realism and for spiritual growth. In this breathtaking video, viewers will take a journey from Gothic cathedrals and Indian paintings to modern art.



Come with MPT on an exploration of emerging and experimental artists from across the country. Join host Rhea Feikin for the fascinating 2018 Baker Artist Awards and work your way through innovative episodes made available online for viewing. 

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