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County Executive Alsobrooks Announces Measured Reopenings in Response to Continued Decline in COVID-19 Metrics

Dear Prince Georgians:

Yesterday, I announced that we are expanding COVID-19 capacity limits for businesses and other establishments due to a continued and significant decline in the County’s positivity rate and other key COVID-19 metrics, and due to increasing vaccination rates in the County. These updated safety measures will take effect today, March 12, 2021, at 5:00 PM.

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County Executive presents FY22 Budget


County Executive’s Proposed Budget Focuses on Reimagining Prince George’s County and the Path Forward

LARGO, MD – Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks  presented her proposed fiscal year 2022 budget, which provides key investments in a number of areas to reimagine Prince George’s County and ensure the County recovers from the pandemic stronger than ever before.

“Despite the challenges that the pandemic has presented for state and local government budgets nationwide, we are making critical and historic investments through our FY 2022 proposed budget,” said Alsobrooks. “As we move forward, we must continue to invest our resources with discipline in the face of uncertainty. I am confident this budget will help us reimagine Prince George’s County and further position us for a strong recovery once we put this pandemic behind us.”

The proposed FY 2022 budget includes $4.5 billion in operating funds, an increase of $56.7 million or 1.3% over the FY 2021 budget. The General Fund totals $3.78 billion, an increase of $63.6 million or 1.7% over the FY 2021 budget.

The proposed budget includes $3.78 billion in revenues, the largest portion of which comes from outside aid to support the Board of Education.

This year’s budget was constrained due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the County has not seen any declines in revenues, the County has also not seen typical growth. Due to these constraints, the overall growth in the budget only totaled 1.3%, to ensure the County would be better positioned to emerge from the pandemic. The County expects to see revenue grow again towards the end of FY 2022, with more normal growth in FY 2023.

Despite the constraints on the FY 2022 budget, the County Executive is still proposing critical and historic investments in a number of areas. Highlights of the County Executive’s proposed budget are below. The FY 2022 Proposed Budget in Brief will be made available on the County Office of Management and Budget’s website. In addition, to promote transparency the proposed budget will be posted in the County’s new online budget dashboard in the coming days.

Health Response & Recovery:

  • Continued pandemic response - $1.1 million
  • Behavioral Health Center - $20 million
  • Regional Health & Human Services Center - $57.3 million
    • The new building will serve as the headquarters for the Health Department, Department of Family Services and Department of Social Services
  • Beautification Initiative - $107.5 million
  • Health Department - $30.1 million
    • Will support ten new positions in the Prince George’s County Health Department
    • Funding also supports the Early Childhood Consultant for the Child-Friendly County Campaign



  • Board of Education - $2.34 billion
    • An increase of $64.4 million or 2.8% over the FY 2021 budget
    • County contribution is $816.3 million, exceeding maintenance of effort
    • $15 million in continued funding for the Alternative Construction Finance Program for school construction
  • Prince George’s Community College - $119.1 million
  • Memorial Library System - $32.9 million
    • Supports technology upgrades that will provide Internet in library parking lots
    • Capital budget includes $14.5 million to complete Surratts-Clinton Branch renovation, construction of the Bladensburg Library replacement and other projects


Economic Development & Recovery:

  • County economic development agencies - $7.8 million
  • Workforce Housing Gap Financing Program - $4.2 million
    • Expands mixed-income communities by providing gap financing for workforce housing
  • Grant funding will support expansion of the Emergency Rental Assistance Program
  • Continued funding for Commercial Property Improvement Program to revitalize shopping centers
  • Provides funding for home improvements to maintain single-family homes around both the Suitland/Naylor Road and Central Avenue Blue Line Corridor areas


Law Enforcement & Social Justice:

  • Police Department - $335.5 million
    • Funds approved Police Reform Work Group recommendations, including a Director of Race & Equity and two psychologists
    • Supports two new recruitment classes to help mitigate attrition
  • Citizen Complaint Oversight Panel will fund stipends for participants of the Police Department’s disciplinary investigations


Protecting Our Environment:

  • Stormwater Management Fund - $87.4 million
    • An increase of $4.7 million, or 5.7% over the FY 2021 budget
    • Supports water quality programs and flood and drainage mitigation throughout the County


Government Operations & Information Technology:

  • IT investments - $1 million
    • Supports new tax bill and collection system through the Office of Finance
    • Supports increased cybersecurity protections
    • Supports new, comprehensive electronic Permitting and Licensing System, reducing some of the regulatory burden for new permits


Strengthening Our Communities:

  • Immigrant Affairs Division - $401,200
    • Created in the Office of Community Relations to intentionally serve this segment of County residents
  • Summer Youth Enrichment Program - $1 million
  • Department of Family Services - $6.4 million
    • An increase of $118,300 or 1.9% over the FY 2021 budget
    • Increases access to intervention programs and services for at-risk youth and families
    • Supports domestic violence/human trafficking awareness and prevention efforts
  • Department of Social Services - $6.1 million
    • An increase of $170,300 or 2.9% over the FY 2021 budget
    • Supports the Food Equity and Food Insecurity Task Force
    • Supports the Maryland Market Money Double Value Coupon Program
  • Community organization grants - $6.7 million


FY 2022-2027 Capital Improvement Program Highlights:

  • Board of Education - $1.2 billion
    • School construction and other improvements for staff and students
  • Public Works & Transportation - $489 million
    • Bridge replacements, pedestrian safety and road improvements
  • Stormwater Management - $482.9 million
    • Flood protection and drainage improvements, stream restorations and restoration of impervious areas
  • Prince George’s Community College - $242.8 million
    • Building renovations including renovating the Student Center


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