Port Administration Statement On 35-Foot Deep Channel


April 24, 2024

Dear Subscriber,

Maryland Port Administration Statement:

The U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port has announced that a 35-foot deep channel called the Fort McHenry Limited Access Channel will open on Thursday, April 25 until 6 am on Monday, April 29 or Tuesday, April 30 if weather impacts transits.  As with the other temporary shallow channels, this one will be marked with lighted aids to navigation and be limited to transit at the discretion of the Coast Guard. 

 The primary focus of this four day period is to allow the ships that have remained within the Port of Baltimore since the March 26 incident to leave. 

 After April 29 or April 30, this particular channel will not be made available again until approximately May 10. 

 The three other temporary channels currently in use (the 20, 14, and 11-foot deep channels) will remain available and commercial vessels should plan to utilize those channels so as not to impede vessel traffic that must use the 35-foot deep channel. 

 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expects to reopen the Port of Baltimore’s permanent 700-foot wide, 50-foot deep channel by the end of May.

 We continue to deeply appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to work through this unimaginable situation.

 We thank all of our incredible federal, state, and local partners who continue to work around the clock on this incident.   

 We remind everyone to keep their thoughts on the families that have suffered unreplaceable losses.

 Thank you to all of our valued business partners for your continued support of the Port of Baltimore during this incredibly difficult time.