JOB ALERT - Director of Security, Maryland Port Administration


March 08, 2023

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Director of Security, Maryland Port Administration

We are accepting applications for the position of director of security for the Maryland Port Administration. This person will be responsible for developing and implementing operational and strategic security policies and programs to protect and support the mission of the Maryland Port Administration and the Port of Baltimore.

The position requires the incorporation of effective and modern personnel and physical security measures and technology to deter criminal activity and/or acts of terrorism while ensuring the conduct of commerce. The individual will work closely with our local, state, and federal security partners and administer our federal port security grant program. The person will also establish significant liaisons with appropriate local, state, and federal agencies. 

Those who apply should have good business acumen and understand the importance of our working labor force, as the director will work closely with commercial/private sector tenants, customers, and union leadership.  The person will also serve on various security committees.

Interested applicants should email resumes to