Port of Baltimore Improvements


August 09, 2022

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Over the past several months, the U.S. East Coast has been experiencing a significant shift in vessel calls and volumes.  This increase in volume has put pressure on all aspects of our supply chain, workforces, and region, leading to significant increases in dwell times, import and empty container volumes, and equipment shortages.  The Port of Baltimore has benefited from this shift in cargo with additional volumes, services, and new rail business.

During this time, Ports America Chesapeake and the Maryland Port Administration remain focused on accommodating current and future cargo demands at Seagirt Marine Terminal.  We have made significant progress on our infrastructure projects to improve efficiency, capacity and turn times at Seagirt Marine Terminal.  We are finalizing several infrastructure improvement projects including:


  • Major improvements at Berth 3, including new post-Panamax cranes capable of handling two 16k TEU vessels - Summer 2022
  • Digital Pre-Advise/Appointment System – Summer 2022 - Technology maximizes transparency between the trucking community and the terminal.  Currently live, this technology will increase efficiencies and reduce congestion through improved gate processing and turn-times.  Smoothing bottlenecks in the facility
  • New Broening Hwy Gate Portals – Spring 2022 - Improved truck processing time
  • Paperless Outbound - Spring 2022 – Improved truck processing time
  • Paperless Inbound - Fall 2022 – Improved truck processing time


  • New Broening Highway inbound lanes will be opening early this fall.  This increases the number of inbound lanes by 40% reducing wait times at Seagirt’s main gate and enabling a single stop for all transactions
  • 15 new Rubber Tire Gantry Cranes (RTGs) will become operational late fall. These cranes will increase velocity in the yard, ultimately decreasing turn-times
  • A new Vail Street outbound gate will be opening late fall.  This gate will increase capacity by 50% and improve departure time from the terminal
  • Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF) modernization will be coming soon that will more than double throughput capacity
  • Depot 2501 along Broening Highway will be opened as an empty depot to reduce Seagirt Terminal traffic and allow for quick turnaround of empty containers

Ports America Chesapeake’s investments and the Maryland Port Administration’s cooperation and the state’s financial support continue to put the State of Maryland in a position to improve supply chain performance and capitalize on the expansion of the Howard Street Tunnel. Through preparation, communication, collaboration and teamwork, Ports America Chesapeake and the Maryland Port Administration will continue to support expansion and provide unmatched service to our customers and our region.