Army Corps of Engineers


March 28, 2022

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A Message From MPA-Port of Baltimore Executive Director William P. Doyle:

Today the Port of Baltimore will host a press conference at 3 pm for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on their Fiscal 2023 budget for the Army’s Civil Works program.  Lt. General Scott Spellmon, Army Corps Commanding General, and Jaime Pinkham, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works), will both be onsite at our Dundalk Marine Terminal for this event.  Besides the Port of Baltimore, the event will be jointly conducted with the Port of Long Beach and will be broadcast virtually.  Michael Connor, Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works), and Maj. Gen. William “Butch” Graham, Army Corps Deputy Commanding General for Civil and Emergency Operations, will make the address from the Port of Long Beach.


This is a tremendous opportunity for the Port of Baltimore and we are very grateful to the Army Corps for choosing our port for such an important event.  We have a great relationship with Lt. General Spellmon and the Army Corps.  The MPA works very closely with the Army Corps on coastal restoration efforts for each of our dredging projects.  With their help, we are rebuilding long-eroded islands in Maryland waters with sediment dredged from our shipping channels, creating new habitat sanctuaries and better protecting our shorelines.  Our latest venture with the Army Corps is our newest initiative, the Mid-Chesapeake Bay Island Ecosystem Restoration which will rebuild James and Barren islands near Dorchester County and eventually replace Poplar Island as the state’s primary receiving site for bay channel dredged sediment.  We are also working very closely with them on the Seagirt Loop Channel project which is examining the feasibility of improving navigation efficiencies at Seagirt to better accommodate the ultra-large vessels that we are now receiving. 


The Army Corps of Engineers is a tremendously dedicated and hardworking group of men and women.  This is the first time they have rolled out their budget in an event simultaneously from two ports.   We thank them for choosing the Port of Baltimore and look forward to continuing to work closely with them on our projects.