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October 11, 2019

Dear Subscriber,


#BayBridgeWork Commercial Vehicle Notifications:

MDTA now has a new tool for commercial vehicle operators with a CDL to subscribe to #BayBridgeWork notifications by text and/or email. To manage subscription options or unsubscribe, click on the link below for the subscriber preferences page.

This initial email will provide you a lot of detail, but future notifications will be very short messages on delays, when commercial vehicles are restricted from the Bay Bridge, and when restrictions are lifted.

PLEASE REMEMBER – Do not text or use a handheld device while driving for your safety and the safety of all travelers.

All trucks and buses should be prepared for potential two-way operations Thursdays and Fridays from noon to 10 p.m. Safety is our top priority for all travelers. During two-way operations at reduced speeds, no commercial vehicles are allowed on the WB Bay Bridge due to 11-foot narrowed lanes.

All trucks and buses are encouraged to monitor delays and prepare early to complete your trip, detour to another route or take advantage of available truck parking to wait out the commercial vehicle restrictions on the Bay Bridge. If possible, commercial vehicles should try to adjust schedules to avoid traveling WB late Thursday and Friday afternoons/evenings.

During two-way operations, commercial vehicles not making local deliveries on Kent Island are encouraged to seek alternate routes outlined below and parking options at the link below. If commercial vehicles continue to the Bay Bridge, they will be directed off US 50 WB at Route 8 and redirected to US 50 EB.

NEW VMS Signs will notify drivers OF WB Bay Bridge Commercial Vehicle Restrictions:

US 301 SB prior to MD 304 (NEW) – Seek alternate route, such as MD 213 SB to US 50 EB.

US 50 WB prior to MD 213 (NEW) - Seek alternate route, such as MD 213 NB to US 301 NB.


US 301 SB just south of the Delaware State line

US 301 SB prior to the rest area

US 13 NB prior to the rest area near Princess Anne


VMS Signs now show miles and travel times to the Bay Bridge:


WB 50 to the Bay Bridge:

US 50 WB - 1 mile prior to Bay Bridge (at Cox Creek)

US 50 WB between MD 404 and MD 213

US 50 WB at Friendship Road

US 50 WB at Skipton Creek


EB 50 to the Bay Bridge:

US 50 EB 1 mile past MD 424

US 50 EB at Church Road

US 50 EB at MD 665


I-97 SB to the Bay Bridge:

I-97 SB past Hawkins Road

I-97 SB prior to Benfield Boulevard


Truck Parking available at:

In addition to these notifications, please follow or and call 1-877-BAYSPAN (1-877-229-7726).