DPS CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS: ePlans for Commerical Building has arrived!

DPS Constructive Comments



Build Green with ePlans and ePermits

NEW ePlans for Commercial Building is in Pilot Production!


DPS eServices - No Lines and Fast Plan Reviews

Two years ago DPS rolled out the voluntary “Apply Online” (ePermits) for electrical permits and decks. 

A year ago DPS brought you ePermits and ePlans for new homes and right-of way construction.  Since then DPS has expanded to include residential additions, residential renovations, driveway and utilities right-of-way permits.  

Now, eServices has grown further with ePermits and ePlans to include Fire Protection and Alarm Systems and Commercial Construction!

It's no wonder why NACo awarded the program "Best in Category" this past summer.

 eServices is the DPS family of online services that includes online permit applications (ePermits) and online plans submissions and review (ePlans).  eServices is green and growing.  Through the DPS website You can submit the following eServices: 


 ePermits                       ePlans

New homes                    New homes

Residential additions      Residential additions

Residential renovations   Residential renovations

Decks                             Decks

Right-of-way permits       ROW permits

(engineered plans,

utilities and driveway)

Fire alarm                      Fire alarm

Fire protection               Fire protection

New commercial            New commercial 

construction                   construction

Commercial alterations  Commercial alterations


*Permits issued online with credit card payments


To use ePermits and ePlans , please contact our office to ensure your account is ready to process online applications. Call 311 or 240-777-0311 for to schedule an appointment with a technician. 

Register for ePlans training!  Online video training modules are now available.

Check the DPS website for updates!  Soon getting to our office will be no further than your computer!  Stay tuned for more….  


DPS Payment Office

Payment Office Increases Security

The DPS Payment Office, opened last April, improves the security of payment and client information. 


New Zoning Ordinance Effective 10/30/2014

New Zoning Ordinance will modernize zoning regulations creating new tools for community planners.  For more information take a look at the new zoning ordinance adopted by the County Council. 



“Recipes for Success” All the Ingredients for a Successful Business

Montgomery County launched “Recipes for Success”  to help individuals planning to open a new restaurant or expand an existing restaurant navigate the County’s permitting and licensing process quickly and efficiently.

Recipes for Success” includes a free, pre-design consultation with representatives from Departments of Permitting Services, Health and Human Services, Liquor Control, and Fire and Rescue Service, along with WSSC to open or expand a restaurant. The Department of Economic Development is available as needed to assist with business plans.

Every Tuesday, since November 2014, prospective and existing restaurant owners can meet by appointment with the "Recipes for Success" team to review their and learn how to open or expand a restaurant in the County. The “Recipes for Success Welcome Packet” is available at County Regional Services Centers or online.

To schedule a free pre-design consultation meeting by calling 311 or 240-777-0311 from outside the County. Download the preliminary design consultation application packet, visit the DPS website.

December 2014

frustrated user

 What If I Need Help?

Permitting Services now has computers available in the lobby for customer access to eServices.  These do not replace our counters  and you will still be able to come into the office for help.  If you need a computer – remember Montgomery County Libraries offers free use of the internet for residents with library cards.   

Need help using ePlans? Go to the DPS website and register for training. Check the DPS website for online training modules.  

Marc Nauman(center) talks with community members after an update on the proposed IgCC Code.

DPS Engages Community with IgCC Open Work Sessions

DPS created an open work group to hear comments about the International Green Construction Code.  After several open work sessions, Marc Nauman (above) presented an update of the DPS recommendations based on the comments and suggestions from the work sessions at the Wheaton Regional Library (below).

Here is a copy of the comments and suggested changes to the IgCC Code  .


IgCC Worksession

IgCC Next Steps

A fiscal impact study is pending prior to proposing changes.



DPS has been working hard to serve our clients faster and more efficiently. 

In FY2010: 64,046 plans reviewed.

FY2014: 88,317 plans reviewed.


In FY2010: 102,889 inspections.  

FY2014: 158,837 inspections.


In FY2010: Long waits for record plats.  

Now: No record plat backlog.


In FY2010: Long waits to submit plans.  

Now: No wait using eServices




DPS has been out engaging the community in a variety of events. 

  • IEC Roundtable
  • MBIA Networking
  • Life Long Takoma Day
  • NARI Conference
  • Women's Power Conference
  • MACo 
  • Citizen's Advisory Board Meetings
  • GSA Construction Procurement Fair
  • World of Montgomery
  • Montgomery County Chamber

DPS Participates in a variety of events. For more information CALL 311.



Employee Appreciation

DPS will be closing at Noon on Monday, December 15th, 2014 for its Employee Appreciation Event.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding! 


Other Holiday Closings

December 25, 2014 - Christmas Day

January 1, 2014 - New Years Day

eServices is open online every day!


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