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Tuesday, April 11, 2023 | Department of Environmental Protection

New Rules for Federal EV Tax Credit Take Effect April 18

Beginning on April 18, new requirements for the federal EV tax credit come into effect related to critical minerals and battery components. This change means that fewer models will qualify for the full $7,500 tax credit and some models may not qualify for any tax credit.

What You Need to Know (see IRS.gov for more information):

  • Vehicles placed into service on or after April 18 are subject to the new requirements. If you have already ordered your vehicle but you won't take possession until after April 18, the new requirements will apply. 
  • The full list of eligible vehicle models will be posted on April 17. Some models will still qualify for up to $7,500, some only up to $3,750, and some will not qualify for any tax credit.
  • Some manufacturers have already announced that the expect their models to only qualify for a lower tax credit or to lose eligibility.  
  • The tax credit is available to both individuals and businesses; however, there are income eligibility requirements.
  • Businesses and tax-exempt entities can claim the full $7,500 Commercial Clean Vehicle Tax Credit. This means that a consumer that leases a vehicle instead of purchasing may be able to get the full value of the tax credit included in their lease.
  • If you purchased your vehicle in 2022, different requirements may apply. You can check eligibility by searching for your VIN number.

Charge Montgomery Kick-Off Webinars this Thursday and Friday

EV Poolesville Day

DEP is developing a plan for expanding EV charging throughout the County. To kick-off this effort, we are hosting two webinars on  April 13 at 7pm and April 14 at 12pm. These meetings are to introduce the planning process, review initial progress and survey results, and provide an opportunity for Q&A. Two dates are provided for scheduling convenience and will include the same content. 

Please take the Montgomery County Community EV Charging Survey by May 15, 2023 to provide input on where and how charging infrastructure should be developed.  To learn more, check out the Charge Montgomery Story Map - an interactive tool to explore different factors that can drive new charging infrastructure, including EV ownership trends, state and federal programs, racial equity, and social justice.

Greenfest 2023

Experience EVs at GreenFest in the City

Come experience electric vehicles at the 2023 GreenFest in the City on Sunday, April 23 at Marian Fryer Town Plaza, 2425 Reedie Drive in Wheaton.  

This event will display a range of EV models, including the most popular models and the most affordable models. A ride-and-drive event featuring Tesla is also planned. Plus: a bike rodeo, electric cargo bikes, and a fully-electric Ride-on Bus. 

This year's GreenFest takes place over 2 days. The first day - GreenFest in the Garden - will focus on land use, food consumption and composting, clean water, biodiversity, sustainable gardening, and environmental justice. Please note that there won't be an EV car show at Brookside Gardens this year. In addition to zero-emissions transportation, GreenFest in the City will cover energy consumption, home and appliance efficiency, recycling, and green business initiatives.

EuroMotorcars Germantown to Host Electric Dream Days April 27

EV EuroMotorcars

Electrified Dealer EuroMotorcars Germantown invites you to experience the Electric Dream Days Launch Event. Don’t miss the opportunity to test drive these innovative models that are defining the future of Mercedes‑Benz. To reserve your spot, please contact EuroMotorcars Germantown at 301-691-4065.

Date & Time: Thursday April 27th from 5pm to 8pm

Address: 19750 Germantown Rd, Germantown, MD 20874

April EVPC Dealership Incentives


April incentives from local Electrified Dealers are posted on Dealership Incentives web page

Check out incentives from these dealers:

Euro Motorcars Bethesda

Euro Motorcars Germantown

Sport Cadillac

Sport Chevrolet

Green Jobs Board

Job Opportunities

There are lots of exciting opportunities available for job seekers. Check out DEP’s Green Job Portal for climate and sustainability jobs.

EV News Round-Up


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4 in 10 say next vehicle may be electric (AP)

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EPA is said to propose rules that will drive up electric car sales tenfold (New York Times)

Upcoming Events

Charge Montgomery Kick-Off Webinars
April 13, 2023 (7pm) and April 14, 2023 (12pm) 
This webinar will introduce DEP's "Charge Montgomery" Community EV Charging planning effort, review initial progress and survey results, and provide an opportunity for Q&A. Two dates are provided for scheduling convenience and will includeidentical content. 

GreenFest in the City
April 23, 2023, 12-5pm 
Experience zero-emissions transportation options and learn about energy consumption, home and appliance efficiency, recycling, and green business initiatives.

Electric Dream Days at EuroMotorcars Germantown
April 27, 5-8pm
Mercedes-EQS models will be available to test drive at this promotional event from EuroMotorcars Germantown. To reserve your spot, contact EuroMotorcars Germantown at 301-691-4065.