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Tuesday, February 14, 2023 | Department of Environmental Protection

Montgomery County EV at Poolesville Day 2022

Help Plan Community EV Charging

We need your help!

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is developing a plan for how to expand Community EV Charging Infrastructure. Building more public charging is key to meeting the County's goals to cut climate change by encouraging EV adoption.

Community charging infrastructure can be located at private properties or at sites owned or operated by Montgomery County Government. Beginning in 2023, millions of dollars will be available for new infrastructure through state and federal programs. DEP has developed two new tools to help residents, policymakers, property owners, and regional organizations make smart decisions about how to expand charging.  

  1. Charge Montgomery Story Map is an interactive tool to explore different factors that can drive new charging infrastructure, including EV ownership trends, state and federal programs, racial equity, and social justice.
  2. Montgomery County Community EV Charging Survey is designed for EV drivers, property owners, fleet managers, and EVSE installers to weigh in on the County's goals, potential charging locations, and charging experiences.
  3. Charge Montgomery Kick-Off Webinars will be held April 13 at 7pm and April 14 at 12pm. These meetings are to introduce the planning process, review initial progress and survey results, and provide an opportunity for Q&A. Two dates are provided for scheduling convenience and will include identical content. 


February EVPC Dealership Incentives


February incentives from local Electrified Dealers are posted on Dealership Incentives web page

Check out incentives from these dealers:

Euro Motorcars Bethesda

Euro Motorcars Germantown

Ourisman Chevrolet of Rockville

Sport Cadillac

Sport Chevrolet

Mid-Atlantic Electrification Partnership Grants for EV Charging


Ready to move forward on a charging project now? 

Funded by the US Department of Energy, MAEP is a $14.6 million project designed to create a regional EV ecosystem in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. It will connect the Mid-Atlantic Region’s cities through EV infrastructure sub-projects including multimodal hubs such as airports, seaports, and logistics centers. It will also address educational, planning, and equity issues of populations near these hubs.

The goal is to install approximately 200 EV charging units over 3 years through 2024.

Property owners that install public charging could can get subsidized installation and earn a 50% share of revenue from the chargers.

Fill out the form on this page to request a station.

MCDOT Installs 16 Charging Ports in County Garages


The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) has installed 16 electric vehicle charging ports in public garages over the last four months.

Eight charging ports were installed in the NOAA Garage in Silver Spring. Additionally, four charging ports were installed in the Cordell-St. Elmo Garage in Bethesda and four in Wheaton Market Place Garage in Wheaton.

MCDOT plans to install eight more charging ports, with four being installed in the Bethesda-Elm Garage later this winter.

Read the full story.

Green Jobs Board

Job Opportunities

There are lots of exciting opportunities available for job seekers. Check out DEP’s Green Job Portal for climate and sustainability jobs.

EV News Round-Up


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How One State Is Rolling Out an EV Charging Tax System (Route Fifty)

DC Lays Out Proposal for 7,500 EV Charging Stations in Four Years (Washington Post)

California neighborhoods with more EVs see better air quality, public health (The Hill)

Electric Vehicles Could Match Gasoline Cars on Price this Year (New York Times)

More SUVs, Teslas Now Qualify for the New Electric Vehicle Tax Credits (Consumer Reports)

Upcoming Events

Electrified Cities: Federal Funding for Local Governments
February 16, 2023
Join the Electrification Coalition on February 16th to take a deep dive into how cities can capitalize on new federal funding to champion transportation electrification. Featuring DEP's Brian Booher.

February 24-26, 2023
DEP will visit 3 breweries in February to share information about energy savings and electrification. Enjoy a frosty beverage at local breweries while learning about ways to save energy.

Montgomery County Energy Summit
March 28-29, 2023
The annual Montgomery County Energy Summit offers cutting-edge education focused on the latest trends in green building, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and related commercial, multifamily, and residential topics in Montgomery County. Featuring sessions on EV charging including reviews of local case studies. 

Charge Montgomery Kick-Off Webinars
April 13, 2023 (7pm) and April 14, 2023 (12pm) 
This webinar will introduce DEP's "Charge Montgomery" Community EV Charging planning effort, review initial progress and survey results, and provide an opportunity for Q&A. Two dates are provided for scheduling convenience and will includeidentical content.