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Montgomery Energy Connection is a network of County Government and community partners. Created to provide customized education on the benefits of energy efficiency, availability of programs, and opportunities for assistance.

Thursday, September 22, 2022 | Montgomery Energy Connection

Swap Out those Bulbs at Clean Energy Week


RESIDENTIAL: National Clean Energy Week, September 26 - 30, 2022, is a celebration of the policies, industries, and innovations that power our daily lives while producing no or very little greenhouse gas emissions. As part of Clean Energy Week 2022, we will be hosting lightbulb exchanges at various locations throughout the County that support clean energy in some way. Check out a new farm, library, or business! 

🔌 It's Right Around the Corner...

Electrify Everything

RESIDENTIAL: Mark your calendars because Energy Action Month starts on October 1, 2022. This year the focus will be on Electrify Everything! Every week, we will be focusing on a different way for you to electrify things in your life so get ready for the October newsletter to find out what is happening! 

Opportunity for Potomac Edison Customers!


RESIDENTIAL: Potomac Edison is running an offer for Appliance Recycling for a limited time during the month of September 2022 only, Potomac Edison will be conducting standalone pickups of dehumidifiers, without requiring customers to also recycle a full-size qualifying refrigerator or freezer. Customers will receive $25 per dehumidifier. Customers must sign up Sept 1 – Sept 30th to qualify and can go to www.energysavemd.com/fridge to learn more or sign up!

Inflation Reduction Act Household Savings Calculator


RESIDENTIAL: The Inflation Reduction Act means the path to going electric has become smoother. The IRA is the most important climate legislation America has ever seen, but it won’t be the last. The law establishes the market certainty households need to build the affordable, beautiful futures they deserve. Rewiring America has built a household savings calculator to help you instantly see the incentives available to you on your electric journey.

Renters Also Benefit from the Inflation Reduction Act


RESIDENTIAL: Part of the new law offers discounts on fossil-free appliances like dryers and stoves; renters can use these incentives if they choose to buy their own equipment. Renters can also nudge their landlords to take advantage of applicable incentives. In an apartment building where at least half of the tenants make a low or moderate income, property owners are eligible for rebates for heat pump HVAC systems, electric stoves, heat pump water heaters and clothes dryers, and on upgrades to circuit panels, insulation, wiring, and ventilation. Buildings with at least four units are also eligible for a tax deduction on upgrades that make the apartments more efficient.

New Online Home Tour Explores Efficiency Options

Energy Star

RESIDENTIAL: Take an interactive, online house tour to explore opportunities to improve energy efficiency in older, suburban split-level homes with recommendations by a contractor in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, which has helped more than one million homeowners reduce energy use and improve their home's comfort and health.

📽 COMING SOON: Request for Proposals


CONTRACTORS: In the near future, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) expects to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for technical contractor support and incentive administration for a countywide electrification incentive pilot program for residential properties. The Contractor will be required to: 

  • be knowledgeable about residential electrification and fuel-switching projects,
  • be able to support an administrative help-desk to support residents with general questions,
  • perform energy audits that focus on electrification technologies,
  • perform direct installations of energy-efficient heat pumps, electric water heaters, induction/electric stoves and cooktops, and electric dryers that are currently heated with natural gas, propane, or other fossil fuels,
  • administer prescribed financial incentives directly to residents (Contractor will recoup incentive costs with monthly invoices to the County), and
  • report out on program performance and metrics.

Vendors interested in receiving information on this RFP may log into the Central Vendor Registration System (www.mcipcc.net) and register to learn more about this forthcoming RFP opportunity, or follow the Office of Procurement website for more information (https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/pro/)

Job Board

Current Jobs

The My Green Montgomery Green Jobs Board will help you find green jobs in our region. We post jobs for free that are:

  • are green jobs (focused on energy, sustainability, water, trees, community greening, environmental ed, etc.)
  • based in the DC or Baltimore regions. Jobs in Montgomery County or easy for our residents to commute to work!

We pre-approve each job before posting, but we do not guarantee the length of time jobs will be posted. To look for new job opportunities, click here.

Energy News

The News Roundup

Energy is all around us and there is a lot happening in the world. We have compiled some interesting stories and articles to share with you. These stories will LINK you to what energy stories are happening in the world.

Air Conditioner: Which is more efficient: running the air-conditioning all summer long without a break, or turning it off during the day when you’re not there to enjoy it? www.fastcompany.com 

Airplanes: United Airlines is betting big on electric vehicles in the sky. The airline agreed to purchase 200 electric air taxis from Eve Air Mobility for $15 million, and the deal also gives United the option to purchase 200 more air taxis, or electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOLs), in the future, www.cheddar.com

Carbon Costs: The social cost of carbon is an important metric for policymakers when determining the cost-benefit analysis of various climate-related policies, www.cheddar.com

Emissions: Contractors and electricians are poised to become some of the most impactful climate and clean energy heroes in coming years, find out how they are tackling emissions in US homes, www.rmi.org

Hydrogen Trains: The future of environmentally friendly travel might just be here -- and it's Germany that's leading the charge, with the first ever rail line to be entirely run on hydrogen-powered trains, www.cnn.com

Solar-Powered Bus Facility: Montgomery County, Maryland, will open a new bus facility providing solar power energy to 70 electric buses in the county Oct. 31. The facility is made of a “microgrid” – a solar panel canopy that will charge the buses fully every day, www.nbcwashington.com

upcoming events

Watts Up?

selling solar

FEATURED EVENT: Selling Your Solar Home
Trying to sell a home can leave you with a lot of questions. This is particularly true if you’re selling a home with solar. But don’t worry. Solar United Neighbors has got you covered. Join them to learn how to sell your solar home with confidence. We are giving you all the Wise Buys about your solar home. Additionally, you will learn how clean energy and efficiency upgrades can increase your home’s value. Join Solar United Neighbors and our panel of experts to get the ins and outs of selling your solar home.

This open discussion includes experienced realtors, appraisers, and a solar homeowner who has successfully sold their solar home. Bring all your questions to ensure you get the deal of a lifetime! You can benefit from this event even if you are only considering solar and want to know how valuable it will be to the price of your home.

September 27, 2022 from 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT


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