Pedestrian Safety Update


December 2021

Pedestrian Safety Update

Dear pedestrian safety advocate:

As someone who shares my concerns for pedestrian safety and expanding public transit access, I am reaching out with a few updates related to transportation efforts I have been spearheading these past few months.

I’m pleased to share that last Tuesday the Council unanimously voted to extend fare-free Ride On through the remainder of FY22. This exciting news comes a week after I published this Washington Post op-ed advocating for free bus service, as part of our broader effort to build back better in a post-pandemic society. As the Council considers a long-term fare policy, I will continue to advocate for free bus service for all constituents. 

Now that the days are short and nighttime begins early, our roads can sometimes present challenges to residents who walk, bike or depend on public transportation. Next month, the Council will consider legislation that I introduced to help reduce the risk of pedestrian injuries after winter storms. During significant snowfalls, our county’s sidewalks often become impassable and covered in piles of snow pushed aside from the road by passing snowplows. The Shovel Our Sidewalks Act requires the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) to clear snow on arterial roads in areas of the county where these narrow sidewalks see significant pedestrian traffic. 

Improving pedestrian safety doesn’t always require passing new legislation. When a constituent alerted me to the lack of lighting on the ICC path between Fairland Road and Briggs Chaney, my office reached out to MCDOT which maintains the lighting and trail in this area. MCDOT quickly restored the burned out lights along the path, which is used by pedestrians and cyclists alike. And when residents who live on Dennis Avenue in Silver Spring contacted me about speeding traffic along their residential street, I spoke with MCDOT to explore traffic calming measures. They have now installed dynamic speed signs and traffic-slowing is planned for construction next year.

Vision Zero starts with the ethical belief that everyone has the right to move safely in their communities, which includes how we can support our most vulnerable residents. We know that for Montgomery County to meet our Vision Zero goals, business as usual is not enough. We need to rethink our transportation networks and make sure they work for everyone. 

I look forward to your continued collaboration and support.

Best Regards,

Evan Glass

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