The Glass Gazette: October 2021


October 2021

Covid-19 Vaccine Update

As a member of the Health and Human Services Committee, my colleagues and I have spent countless hours pushing to make vaccines more readily accessible to Montgomery County residents. I am pleased to let you know that as of this week 90.1% of eligible residents are fully vaccinated and 99.5% have received at least one dose, according to the CDC. This is a testament to our incredible residents, our hard working county employees, and all the scientific and medical professionals at NIH, FDA and the pharmaceutical companies located here in the county and across the country. 

I know that many of you have questions about booster shots. Currently, people who received the Pfizer vaccine and are age 65 and older, age 18 and older with underlying medical conditions or ages 18 to 64 with increased risk of exposure due to their occupation can get a booster six months after their second dose. You can learn more about receiving a booster from the county by clicking here.


Flu Shots at Farmers Markets

Autumn is harvest time and it’s also when individuals should be getting their flu shots. 

I’m excited to partner with CCI Health & Wellness Services, a local community health center, to provide flu vaccinations at farmers markets around the county. There are many reasons to get a flu shot -- but first and foremost, it's the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones against the flu and its potentially serious complications. 

My “mobile office” will be visiting farmers markets around the county in the coming weeks to connect residents with county services, answer questions you may have, and provide free flu shots to those who want them. This Sunday we will be at the Olney Farmers Market. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn when we will be at a market nearest you.

Flu Shots

Free Ride On Fares Extended

A $2 bus fare can be a significant barrier to low-income riders, given that nearly 50% of passengers earn less than $30,000 a year. Two developments recently occurred that will help bring more equity to our transit systems: the Montgomery County Department of Transportation released its Fare Equity Study and the Council unanimously voted to make Ride On free for the remainder of 2021.

As the Transportation and Environment Committee member who made our buses free for kids, I would like to see free fares extended into 2022 and beyond. Minimizing riders’ financial burden through reduced or free fares can increase other economic opportunities for them, reduce traffic congestion and improve our climate.


Museum Pays Tribute to Montgomery County Abolitionist Josiah Henson

If you haven’t been to the Josiah Henson Museum & Park you are missing out on an important piece of our history. The Montgomery Parks museum located on Old Georgetown Road, tells the story about the life and challenges of Reverend Josiah Henson, his enslavement in Maryland, and the legacy of racial inequality and injustice. Mr. Henson not only led 118 enslaved people to freedom along the Underground Railroad, but his story served as the inspiration for the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The museum strives to accurately portray Henson’s life and explore the impacts of Harriett Beecher Stowe’s novel.


Constituent Corner

My “mobile office” is meeting constituents at farmers markets, apartment buildings and community events throughout the county to meet with residents and connect them with county services and other assistance. Our goal is to ensure that all residents feel safe and welcome in Montgomery County. If you see us at an event, please come say hello! 

constituent services

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The Montgomery County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council is hosting several events in October to bring attention to Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This year’s events will include a "Breathe In, Speak Out, Montgomery" series and webinars.  

If you or someone you know is in crisis, the country’s Crisis Center provides free crisis services 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year. Services are provided by telephone (240-777-4000) or in person at 1301 Piccard Drive in Rockville (no appointment needed). Full crisis assessments and treatment referrals are provided for all crises, both psychiatric and situational. In addition, the program has four crisis beds as an alternative to hospitalization for those who are uninsured or are insured within the public mental health system.


Did You Know?

Instead of raking your leaves and having them picked up for recycling or trash, you can compost your yard waste. Your composted leaves will make a great nutrient-rich soil for your growing gardens and other areas in your yard.

You can pick up a free compost bin at a location near you.