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February 2021

DPS Helps Keep Residential Projects Moving 

Residential Inspector

Due to the pandemic and other factors, many permit holders and contractors are experiencing considerable shipping delays.  The DPS residential inspection team will work with the permit holders and contractors to minimize any setbacks concerning their projects completion. 

The biggest challenge with materials seems to concern windows.  If window shipments are delayed, our inspectors will complete a partial framing/close-in/concealment inspection.  This can be approved, providing that the window openings are weathertight and protected from the elements.  A separate framing inspection will be conducted once the windows are installed to ensure all codes and manufacturers’ instructions have been followed. 

If you have any further questions regarding this temporary policy, please contact Residential Manager James Sackett, Field Supervisor Dave Burch - David.Burch@montgomerycountymd.gov or Field Supervisor Jeremy Shupp at Jeremy.Shupp@montgomerycountymd.gov .

Who’s Responsible for Lot to Lot Surface Drainage?

Lot to Lot Drainage

Occasionally DPS receives complaints related to drainage problems, particularly when it appears water runoff is originating from a neighboring property.  Our Lot to Lot Runoff Fact Sheet provides important information and guidance outlining actions a property owner may take and to clarify the role DPS has related to storm water treatment practices.  Please visit the Land Development page for more information and resources.

Water Table Testing

Water Table Testing

The 2021 Montgomery County water table testing season began on 01/11/21 and tentatively ends on Friday, 04/16/21. Water table test required for all proposed sewage disposal areas.  Dates may change due to precipitation amounts & field observations.

For more information: 2021 Wet Season Information:


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