The Katz Update: Retaining Our Triple A Bond Rating!!


July 17, 2020


Dear Friends,

I have some good news to share with all of you. Our County has maintained its Triple A bond rating for 2020 from the three major Wall Street bond rating agencies - Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch. A Triple-A bond rating enables the County to sell long-term bonds at the most favorable rates, saving our taxpayers millions of dollars over the life of the bonds. The rating is even more significant and worthy of praise due to the COVID-19 health and economic crisis we are facing. This designation signifies that Montgomery County is among the best in the nation for fiscal responsibility. We are proud that we have retained a Triple-A bond rating since 1973, which we understand is the longest run of any county in the United States. 

- Sidney

Council News

At the County Council this week -

  • The Council introduced a special appropriation of $2,025,000 to provide short-term assistance for financially distressed, affordable common ownership communities. I was honored to spearhead this initiative. Common ownership communities mainly include condominiums and offer an affordable housing resource in the County. I have heard from our Maryland delegation, common ownership community managers and members of the Distressed Common Ownership Community Task Force and I have responded. This special appropriation will promote housing stability and prevent the loss of housing for low- and moderate-income homeowners in these communities. Special thank you to Delegate Bonnie Cullison for bringing this issue to our attention. 
  • The Council introduced a resolution calling on the Maryland General Assembly to replace the state song “Maryland, My Maryland” and discourage its use at official Montgomery County events including public school events and graduations. I was happy to work with Councilmember Glass to draft this important resolution. Many Maryland residents, including those who live in Montgomery County, identify the official state song as a symbol of the Confederacy. The words call for Marylanders to fight against the U.S. and was used across the Confederacy as a battle hymn. It is time for a new state song to represent our great state of Maryland!

  • The Council introduced a $250,000 special appropriation to fund mental health supports in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). Our schools plan to implement a service model in which school-based staff members, including school counselors and psychologists, may refer students who require additional mental health services to a community agency. The appropriation will be used to expand the planned pilot program and double the number estimated number students who will receive services, from 270 to 540.


I am proud to be the Chair of the Public Safety Committee and a member of the Government Operations Committee.

Public Safety Committee

This week the Public Safety committee reviewed sections of the County Executive's recommended FY 21 Savings Plan that are under its jurisdiction. Among many items, the Committee discussed the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program currently in our public schools. The purpose of the SROs is to enhance the safety and security of the learning environment for students, staff and the school community in MCPS. The Committee voted in favor of maintaining this program.  The Board of Education is studying all aspects of the SRO program and we look forward to seeing their final report when it is issued.



Virtual Pet Show

Sunday, July 19, 2:00-3:30 pm

All pets are welcome: cats, dogs, bunnies, horses, rodents, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects—whatever! No prizes, just sharing the joy of having a pet.

Dance and Laughter for Total Wellness

Monday, July 20, 11:00-11:30 am

Join Kumud Mathur over Zoom for a session of dancing and laughter. Let physical exercise and connection help you feel better!

Clara Barton- Red Cross Angel: A Virtual Live Show

Tuesday, July 21, 3:00 - 4:15 pm

Join MCPL for a virtual performance of Clara Barton, an educator, government leader, trailblazing nurse & founder of American Red Cross. Generously supported by Friends of the Library, Chevy Chase. Performance by Actress & Smithsonian Scholar Mary Ann Jung.

Small Business, Big Goals

Wednesday, July 22, 12:30 pm -1:30 pm

Learn the basics of starting your own business in this Zoom presentation, online. A virtual Learn-at-Lunch program.

Blue Sky Puppet Theatre: The Three (Not So Little) Pigs

Thursday, July 23, 11:00 am -12:00 pm

Enjoy a fast-paced, funny, fractured fairy-tale that's sure to spark some laughter! A summertime program for children and families funded by the Montgomery County Friends of the Library. 

Virtual Make Music Montgomery

Saturday, July 25, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Just for the Record- A Vinyl Day Event. Featuring performances from our residents, with judging by distinguished local radio host Candy Shannon and others. Followed by a panel discussion at 1pm, and record pricing workshop at 2pm. This program will be streamed live on MCPL’s Facebook (no need for an account).




How can I prevent getting COVID-19?

• Do not travel if you are sick

• Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds 

• Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available

• Cover your mouth & nose with a tissue or your sleeve when coughing or sneezing

Stay informed on the latest information - visit the CDC COVID-19 website.

If you think you may have the virus, contact: 

(240) 777-1755 Montgomery County Health Department

(410) 767-6700; (410) 795-7365 (after hours) Maryland Health Department

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