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November 2019

Coming Soon - Historic Area Permits Online!


DPS is expanding our eServices permits to include Historic Area Work Permits!  Soon these permits will be applied for electronically.

All applications for proposed exterior work involving properties listed on the Montgomery County Master Plan for Historic Preservation require the approval of the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) prior to the issuance of permits by the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services.  These proposals for new construction, demolition and exterior alterations require review and approval by HPS staff of historic preservation planners.  The review is known as the Historic Area Work Permit (HAWP) process.

New Legislation for Accessory Dwelling Units 


New legislation effective January 1, 2020 will permit Owners of Single-Family detached homes in Montgomery County to create and rent a Class 3 Accessory Dwelling Unit in their primary residence.

A Class 3 Accessory Dwelling Unit is a second dwelling that is part of an existing single-family detached home and is used as a complete, independent living facility with its own provisions for cooking eating, sanitation and sleeping.  ADUs must comply with the requirements of Montgomery County Code.  More information.

Setting the Record Straight on Front Yard Paving

Front Yard Paving

On October 31, 2014 the Montgomery County Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 59 of the County Code, established guidelines on “Front Yard Paving” for property owners in residential communities.  The intent was to help protect local property values, limit the amount of impervious surface found to contribute to global warming and maintain residential quality of life standards by preventing the conversion of front yards into parking lots.  The pictured home was found to be out of compliance; 100 percent of the front yard was covered in concrete exceeding the maximum allowed paved surface.

It has been established that the maximum area between the lot line and the front building line is:

  • 30% or 320 square feet, whichever is greater in the R-200 and R-90 zones.
  • 35% or 320 square feet, whichever is greater in the R-60 and R-40 zones.

The exception to the rule is if the paved area existed before October 26, 2010.  In these cases the paved area maybe reduced but cannot be increased.

Front Yard Paving2

The pictured home was brought into compliance with the Montgomery County Zoning Ordinance by reducing the concrete surface and installing grass sod.  The reduced impervious surface helped reduce the amount of basement flooding experienced by neighboring properties due to water runoff during severe rain events and melting ice and snow in the winter.

New in 2020 - Fire Permit Clinic by Appointment

Fire Clinics by Appointment

Coming in January, if you have any issues with your Fire Permit - just send us an email for an appointment.

Contact: Tyler.Mosman@montgomerycountymd.gov


ePay now available for all DPS Permits

DPS Happy Thanksgiving

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