Council President's Update: Sept. 9, 2019

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Dear Resident,

I was so thrilled to finally attend the grand opening of the new Wheaton Library and Recreation Center yesterday, Sept. 8. This facility is a game changer for Wheaton, and it has been my pleasure to work towards its completion since I began representing the area in 2011. I would like to thank former County Executive Ike Leggett and my Council colleagues that supported this project at its inception; the Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad service for housing the interim library location, Department of General Services staff and Costello Construction. Special thanks to all the residents and stakeholders that helped shape this project for the last decade.



The Montgomery County Council is in session this week, and on Thursday, Sept. 12 at 9:30 a.m. the Council’s Planning, Housing and Economic Development (PHED) and Education and Culture (E&C) Committees will meet jointly to review Expedited Bill 19-19, Economic Development – Workforce Development – Amendments. This proposal, of which I am the lead sponsor, would allow the Council to designate a nonprofit corporation, a public educational institution, or both, as the County’s workforce development organization. Councilmembers Will Jawando, Hans Riemer, Gabe Albornoz, Craig Rice and Council Vice President Sidney Katz are cosponsoring this bill. Existing law mandates that the Council must designate a single nonprofit corporation to perform this function. The goal of this bill is to better align County resources to ensure that the County’s workforce development efforts meet the talent attraction, development and retention needs of strategic industries. We must meet the needs of the underemployed and unemployed, and we must develop efficient and effective career pathways that lead to sustainable wage jobs that support a thriving economy. This bill is a step forward on that path.

At Tuesday’s Council session, we will hold public hearings on the following items:

Bill 22-19, Accessory Dwelling Units - Licensing - Requirements – Amendments

Bill 22-19 would, among other things, replace the phrase “accessory apartment” with “accessory dwelling unit.” Councilmembers Hans Riemer, Andrew Friedson, Will Jawando and Council I are the lead sponsors. Learn more here.

Bill 23-19, Cybersecurity Investment Incentive Tax Credit Supplement - Amendments

Bill 23-19 would allow a qualified investor to receive the cybersecurity investment incentive tax credit supplement. Councilmembers Hans Riemer, Andrew Friedson and Will Jawando are the lead sponsors. Learn more here.

Bill 24-19, Landlord-Tenant Relations - Obligations of Landlord - Air Conditioning

Bill 24-19 would require a landlord to provide and maintain air conditioning service for rental housing located in the County during certain months and establish standards for air conditioning service provided by a landlord. Councilmember Tom Hucker is the lead sponsor. Councilmembers Will Jawando, Gabe Albornoz and I are cosponsors. The goal of this bill is to ensure tenants in rental housing have access to a working air conditioning unit. Learn more here.

Supplemental appropriation - MCPS - Entrepreneurial Activities Fund - $3,500,000 for School Bus Safety Camera Program

This supplemental appropriation of $3.5 million is for Montgomery County Public Schools’ (MCPS) school bus safety camera program. Learn more here.

Veirs Mill Master Plan Sectional Map Amendment

Sectional Map Amendment (SMA) H-132 is a comprehensive rezoning application to implement the zoning recommendations contained in the Veirs Mill Corridor Master Plan, which was approved and adopted by the Council on April 23. Learn more here.

As always, you can view the Council’s and Committee’s agendas and stream Council and Committee meetings live and after the fact here. You can read our Council Coming Attractions for an overview of everything that’s coming up. To view and sign up to testify at upcoming public hearings, click here.

Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful week.