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Montgomery County's Department of Permitting Services  

November 2018

DPS Conducts Roadside Sign Sweep 

2018 DPS Sign Sweep

Montgomery County has 5,200 lane miles of roads, neighborhood roads connecting subdivisions, and business areas.  Throughout this transportation network of roads commercial enterprises, individuals and predatory organizations,  install thousands of unpermitted signs in the public right-of-way to advertise their goods and services for sale to the public.  These signs are prohibited under the Montgomery County Zoning Ordinance.

On Wednesday November 14th, DPS’ Division of Zoning & Site Plan Enforcement, dispatched 7 teams of inspectors (16 Code Enforcement personnel) throughout the County to clean local roads and intersections of these unpermitted and prohibited signs cluttering up the community.  Over 1,000 signs were removed and taken to the County transfer station where signs were disposed of and the metal was recycled.

A New Taste in the Upcounty Ag Reserve

Farm Alcohol Production


Farms in Montgomery County's Ag Reserve have a new crop.  In October, the County Council adopted ZTA 18-03, allowing farm alcohol production as an accessory use to the farm on the property.  Farms will now be able to offer tourists a place to taste their hard ciders, wines and other alcohol products  in their tasting rooms located in the upcounty agricultural reserve.  Events will also be allowed based on the number of people attending.  For more information contact the DPS Zoning and Site Plan Enforcement Section.

Sneak Preview: DPS New Web Design

DPS New Website

In a continuing effort to improve customer service, DPS will soon launch a new web site.  It will feature many user-friendly options; including online services prominently displayed on the home page and just a click away!  So, stay tuned.


Design for Life 2019 Showcase Seeks Exhibitors and Partners

Design for Life

The 2019 Design for Life Showcase will be held on Saturday, April 6, 2019 at the Silver Spring Civic Building.

DPS is looking for exhibitors and partners to showcase their projects and to support accessible design for all homes. 

Imagine every home accessible to everyone at all ages and stages of life and a Property Tax Credit to help them build or renovate their homes!  Learn more about the only showcase that offers residents and professionals a chance to make their projects and their communities accessible with the Design for Life Property Tax Credit.

For more information contact: Jessica.Fusillo@montgomerycountymd.gov or call 240-777-6272.

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