Community Use of Public Facilities Newsletter: October 15, 2018

October 15, 2018  |  Community Use of Public Facilities Newsletter

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By the Dawn’s Early Fall, MCPS Energy Team Mulls Over Switching to Heat at Local Public Schools


 Sunday, September 23, was the official start of Autumn, or Fall, as most people in the U.S call it. But it’s been feeling like Summer, as the temperature continues to vacillate -climbing in the 80s most of the times. How be it, Fall’s weather can be so volatile.  And with the uncertainty of when an arctic front may blitz the metro area, MCPS’s Energy Resources Management (ERM) could in a matter of days, switch the HVAC system to Heat only at the local public schools.  


This matter is on the mind of Ron Maxson, who is CUPF’s Core Services manager.  His staff are on the front lines of managing community use and mitigating all kinds of conflicts, including users’ complaints stemming from multiple issues including AC and Heat distribution at the public schools.  According to Ron, by this time each Fall, the Heat is usually turned on at the public schools. He thinks the lingering warm weather is the cause of the delay.  Still, he has a few suggestions for users and participants attending community events at the schools:  should the Heat be turned on unexpectedly at a permitted school, blame it NOT on HVAC malfunction nor the school’s building service staff.  The likely culprit is Fall, as the Heat will likely be turned on even though so far, this year, Fall isn’t so cool.

Known also for his high sense of humor and the art of making things plain, Ron asks that users and their guests dress comfortably and in layers. This way if it gets uncomfortably warm in the school, one may peel off the “extra” layers.


Note that the ERM office at MCPS upholds a Summer policy appropriately called “Summer Energy Conservation.” It is implemented by shutting down the public school’s AC system immediately after the academic day between 3:45 pm to 5 pm, which is the peak period for high energy consumption in the area.  We will share more about MCPS’ summer energy conservation in a future edition.  

October 15: Opening Day for Public Library Reservations

Reminder: General reservation requests for use of community rooms in public libraries for dates of use January 1 through June 30 will be accepted online via the customer e-portal at beginning at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, October 15. 

     Attention Users: 

Don’t wait to be asked for your payment;

it’s due on the day your permit is approved.

 Remember: delayed payments may cause delayed services and even Permit cancellation.