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August 2018

DPS Implements New Zoning Text Amendment

New Zoning ZTA

DPS began implementation of Zoning Text Amendment 18-04 which was adopted on July 17, 2018 and effective August 6, 2018.

ZTA 18-04 allows for the expansion of uses in the expansion of uses in the Agricultural Reserve zone that were legal before October 30, 2014 but were subsequently made non-conforming only with a certification from a federal or state agency that the expansion or enlargement is necessary

 Projects under New IgCC.

Sandy Spring Solar

DPS is in the process of reviewing the first projects that will come under the newly adopted International Green Construction Code - IgCC that was adopted December 28, 2017. 

Sandy Spring Friends School is one of the first projects to come in under the new code.  This project expands their commitment to green technologies.  They already installed 477 Solar arrays in 2014 (pictured above).

The IgCC is the first model code that includes sustainability measures for the entire construction project and its site — from design through construction, certificate of occupancy and beyond. The new code is expected to make buildings more efficient, reduce waste, and have a positive impact on health, safety and community welfare.

DPS Mentors Youth with Summer R.I.S.E.

DPS Summer Rise
Summer Rise Interns (Center) with Steve Thomas, Chief, Commercial Building and their Mentors..

DPS continues its commitment to mentoring youth in building construction and design.  The 2018 Summer R.I.S.E Interns were exceptional", says Steve Thomas, Division Chief, "They each were assigned a mentor in commercial and residential building.  They were engaged and interested in the permitting process which included onsite visits, inspections and reviews  our commercial and residential building projects. We hope a new generation of code officials is on the “rise.”

For Intern Joseph Oinguid the most exciting part of his experience was, "being on the construction site and seeing the complexity of the projects".

Pictured Mentors and Interns.  First row left to right: Brian Eberhart, Inspector; Steve Thomas; Joseph Ouigud, Summer R.I.S.E ; Scottie Mejid, Summer R.I.S.E; Myles Hunter, Summer R.I.S.E.; Johnny Campos, Inspector; Back Row left to right: Jeremy Shupp, Inspector; Scott Brister, Inspector; and Christopher Cary, Inspector.

DPS FY19 Fee Quick Charts


DPS new FY19 Fee schedule effective on July 1, 2018. 

Building Construction FY19 Quick Fee Chart

 Land Development FY19 Quick Fee Chart

 Zoning FY19 Quick Fee Chart

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