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Montgomery County's Department of Permitting Services           April 2018

DPS Building Safety Month

DPS Celebrates Building Safety Month with Free Deck Maintenance Inspections in May!

Montgomery County Residents can call MC 311 or 240-777-0311 to schedule their free deck maintenance inspection in May! 

Design for Life

Design for Life Showcase!

On May 5, 2018, Permitting Services will host the 2nd Annual Design for Showcase for residents and businesses to connect and discuss accessibility home improvements.  This is also an opportunity to learn more about the property tax credit to help pay for making homes  accessible.  The Showcase allows residents to see examples of how homes can be made accessible and beautiful for all stages of life from young families with strollers, mobility issues and aging.  Breakout sessions about how the tax credit works will also be held throughout the day.

Last year residents discovered ways to make homes accessible for all types of budgets and projects.  This year's exhibit promises to be even biggerAdmission is free of charge to register:go to eventbrite.   For information on the Design for Life program go to www.designforlifemc.org .

DPS Fence Permits

DPS Fence Permit

Montgomery County requires fence permit for new fences. 

Here's a few quick facts:

  • Fences should be entirely on the owner’s property. 
  • A fence is not required to meet setbacks so long as it is 6’-6” in height or less. 
  • For fences over 6’-6” in height, the fence will be looked at like an accessory structure and would have to meet the accessory structure setbacks for the applicable zone as well as must be behind the rear wall of the house. 
  • The fence height is measured from the grade under the fence to the top of the fence. 
  • Fences around pools for safety are a building code requirement and not a Zoning requirement

Where Can Fences be Constructed?

  • Fences constructed in easements must have written permission for the entity that is responsible for that easement. 
  • Before you apply check with the following:
  • Check with your HOA  to make sure there are no HOA requirements for a fence. 
  • Check and see if your property is Historic or in a Historic District, if so then you will need HPC approval. 
  • Also, if you are in one of the municipalities within the county you must obtain their approval prior to filing for the fence permit.
  • Fence permits must be applied for online as well as the plans must be submitted through our ePlans system. 
  • Be sure to clearly show the fence inside of your property lines and mark it as: X-X-X-X-.  
  • Repair or replacement of existing permitted fence does not require a new permit if it does not change in height, materials or location.

For more information about Fence Permits contact 311 or 240-777-0311.

Maryland Department of the Environment

State Proposes Permit for Compost Toilet Discharge

Maryland Department of the Environment is proposing General Permit 18-CT for the Discharge of Compost Toilet Liquids. Authorization to discharge compost toilet liquids by land application will be authorized under a general permit. Currently, the onsite discharge of compost toilet liquids is by individual discharge permits. The general permit is intended to streamline the permit process and improve the efficiency of application processing.

For more information about the proposed permits go to the Maryland State website.   

DPS Holds Rate Adjustment to 3 % for FY19 


DPS Enterprise Fund Stabilization Factor

Following four fee reductions in 2012-2015, including elimination of the 10% automation fee, and holding the reduced rates in 2016-2018, it is necessary to increase fees by 3% in FY2019 to cover increases in DPS costs.  Rates were comprehensively revised, with reductions in many instances, based on costs as of July 1, 2013.  While CPI for these costs is 7% in current dollars, DPS is holding the FY19 adjustment to 3%.

A 3% increase in fees will be applied through the Enterprise Fund Stabilization Factor or "EFSF".   The DPS budget operates as an enterprise fund with fees structured to cover expenses and reserve policy.  The EFSF is designed to adjust base rates to cover changes in expenses which may occur due to inflation or other changes in operating costs. 

The proposed Enterprise Stabilization Factor for FY19 is to be 1.03 which, as stated, is an upward adjustment of 3%.

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