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New Price Change Form 

The Department of Liquor Control is revising our overall pricing strategy to attain more effective pricing for our retailers and consumers.  This is part of the DLC’s continuing process to improve overall customer service.  The DLC will be making the following changes to the submission of liquor and wine supplier price changes and discount allowance effective May 1st, 2017.  The May 1st pricing submissions will take effect on July 1st.

Price changes (FOB, Freight, and Tax)

  • ALL price changes (Fob, freight, tax) need to be submitted two months prior to the effective date.
  • For Example:
    • May 1st all pricing changes are due for the entire month of July.
    • June 1st, all pricing changes are due for the entire month of August are due.
    • The file name will need to include the name of your company with the month and year that the new pricing will be effective.  
  • If there are no price changes, the form does not need to be submitted.
  • The DLC will enter all pricing changes into the system.
    • Suppliers will no longer have access to, or need to update the blankets after May 12, 2017.
  • Pricing will no longer be formula driven. The County will set pricing based upon reviewing suggested retail pricing, margin, profitability and competitive pricing in the surrounding markets.

Existing special order items in the system 
  • Each supplier will be responsible for notifying the County of any price changes on items listed as special in their portfolio as part of the 60 day pricing process outlined above.

New special order items

  • Suppliers will complete the new item form and submit to the buyer.
  • The buyer and the pricing department will review the submitted pricing and establish a wholesale (price to retailer) cost and communicate the pricing to the suppliers.
  • Buyer will set up the new item in the system and order the necessary product.

Special Requests

The DLC remains committed to customer service and will work with our suppliers and wholesalers on special circumstances with significant volume impact on a very limited case-by-case basis.

Discount Allowances

  • All discount allowances need to be submitted two months prior to the effective date. Currently the DLC as requested 6 weeks prior notice on discount allowances

For Example:

    • On May 1st all discount allowances for the entire month of July are due.
    • On June 1st, all price changes for the entire month of August are due etc.
    • At the current time, there will not be any changes to the sale pricing process for the DLC retail stores.
    • Attached is the form for your use in submitting discount allowances.
    • All Discount allowance will continue to be submitted to Cheryl Lukowsky at Cheryl.Lukowsky@montgomerycountymd.gov

Please note the due dates for pricing submission. Any changes submitted with less than 60 days of notice or incomplete forms will be accepted but not honored.

Date May 1st June 1st July 1st August 1st September 1st October 1st November 1st December 1st
Pricing Changes for Month of July August September October November December January February


To view the Price Change Form, click here.


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