CUPF October 2016 Newsletter

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         October 2016 Newsletter                                                                              10/26/2016



After a long, hot summer, cooler weather is clearly upon us. It is difficult to believe that we might see snow soon! In our effort to keep all customers informed, we have included some warm and friendly reminders, information bulletins and some clarifying details that we believe will be of interest to user groups in this month’s newsletter.

Community Use Hours at Schools

Indoor and outdoor school facilities are generally available for community use activities when school is not in session. However, there are many facilities that have restricted times in order to accommodate the needs of school activities. Click here for a summary of hours available for community use of Montgomery County Public School facilities.

No permits will be issued for Thanksgiving Day. This is the only day of the year that school facilities are closed to community use.

It should be noted that MCPS staff coverage may be limited during break periods for students and cannot be guaranteed so it is essential to schedule these dates as far in advance as possible.

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