ActiveMONTGOMERY Go-Live for School Facilities


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Go-Live for School Facilities

On August 1, indoor school facilities went live on ActiveMONTGOMERY. In the first week, we received almost 2,000 requests for reservations online. The majority of those requests were approved or denied within 10 business days. We continue to receive requests daily. Overall, we have received positive responses from customers regarding the new process. We continue our work with the cloud-based software vendor to improve the online customer experience for facility reservations.

After-School Enrichment Programs

Classroom and Staff Lounge use during the first hour after the school day ends will be available online for reservation requests on September 1, 2016, at 8:30 a.m., for dates of use during the entire 2016-2017 school year on a first-come, first-serve process. Requests must be submitted via It is important to note that classroom use during the first hour after the school day ends requires pre-approval by the principal.  


Staff Assigned to Groups of School Facilities


Now that we have fully transitioned to ActiveMONTGOMERY for reservation requests, CUPF will revert to the assignment of staff as area coordinators handling sets of schools based upon the MCPS cluster model. This change will be in effect Tuesday, August 23, 2016. Visit our staff contact page for a list of schools that you can click to find the assigned staff as well as their email and telephone number for direct contact. Large events will continue to be scheduled with Bill Polman at the CUPF main office.

Seven Days Advanced Notice Required

7 days

As a reminder, community user groups may no longer submit reservation requests for use of public facilities with less than seven calendar days’ notice. The new software blocks all available dates with less than seven days advanced notice.

Since CUPF has always requested 10 business days’ notice for routine use bookings - this is a welcomed change. Please note that CUPF is not able to make exceptions to the seven days advance notice requirement for indoor and outdoor space. Plan ahead in order to ensure that you may use public facilities for your community events and activities.

This does not apply to large events. Large events require a minimum of four weeks advance notice and may not be submitted online. Visit our Resource Page for the definition of ‘large event’.