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Large Events at School Facilities 2016-2017 School Year

The priority submission window for large events opens on May 1 and closes on May 15, for dates of use during the 2016-2017 MCPS school year. All applications submitted during this timeframe will be considered as having been received on May 15.

Effective April 1, 2016, the term “large event” applies to any event requesting:
 a) to have an expected attendance of 500 or more persons, or
 b) use of a school auditorium, regardless of attendance expected, or
 c) use of athletic facilities including gymnasium, stadium, track or field use for  tournaments, fundraisers, track meets or other similar events, regardless of attendance expected, or
 d) advanced booking due to size, scope or nature, or
 e) significant set-up, or
 f) extensive audio-visual equipment or services, or
 g) an amount of space or hours of use that requires multiple support staff.

Mr. William Polman will serve as the Interim Large Event Program Coordinator. Bill has been working with the CUPF Core Services Team since September 2015.  He has been working primarily on the newly created communications workgroup to help CUPF in the transition to ActiveMontgomery.  Prior to joining CUPF he served for 24 years working for two members of Congress in the U.S. House of Representatives. Bill, his wife and two young sons, reside here in Montgomery County, and have long been active in the community and involved in various cultural events and activities. Bill looks forward to working with you as you plan your large events.

Applicants must set an appointment to meet with Mr. Polman in order to submit an application in-person. Please email Mr. Polman at to arrange a time to meet and submit your application and any other related information.