DPS Constructive Comments

DPS Constructive Comments

Montgomery County's Department of Permitting Services                                          November 2015

DPS Public Hearing on IgCC Codes


DPS proposes adoption of the International Green Construction Code with amendments as Executive Regulation #21-15. Notice will be published in the Montgomery County Register on December 1, 2015.  As proposed the regulations will cover new buildings and additions 5000sf and larger.   Single family detached and townhomes are not proposed to be included.  

A public hearing on proposed Executive Regulation 21-15 is scheduled for:

When: Thursday, December 17, 2015 at 1:30 pm

Where: DED Conference Room, 111 Rockville Pike, Suite 800, Rockville, Maryland 20850

Comments may be submitted as indicated in the Montgomery County Register.


New Prohibited Sign Removal Program 

Signs are not allowed in the Public Right of Way.

Signs installed in the public right of way are prohibited under the Montgomery County Zoning Ordinance and the owner is subject to fines of up to $500 per sign.  Not only are these signs considered an eyesore for the community, they also contribute to the dangers of distracted driving, a danger to pedestrians and contributes to advertising fraudulence, misleading deceptive services preying on unsuspecting residents.

The Division of Zoning & Site Plan Enforcement (ZSPE) embarked on a campaign to educate and to focus on repeat offenders that saturate residential neighborhoods, street medians and public roads advertising their services by installing prohibited signs in the public right of way.  Zoning prevailed over the cited business and the Judge ordered fines and court abatement in what witnesses described as, "One of the longest trials ever held involving a case focused on prohibited signs in the right of way". 


Stabilize, Stabilize, Stabilize...

Sediment Control

Winter is coming!  Now is the time to winterize your sediment control permit and make sure all sites are stabilized. 

Q: Which photos above a) drainage swale or b) construction site has been stabilized?

(Trick Question: Both a and b have been stabilized.  a - represents a long term more permanent stabilization and b) represents a temporary stabilization.) 


Costs For Permanent Signs Go Down

New Zoning Fee Schedule

Zoning Fees

 Council Resolution 18-317, the amendment to the Department of Permitting Services Zoning fees for services, was adopted on November 3, 2015.  Among the highlighted changes are: fees for permanent signs are reduced and formula for fees for non-profit organizations remain unchanged.  These changes complete implementation of fees recommended per the Comprehensive Fee Study.


Update Energy Compliance Software: ResCheck and ComCheck

The Department of Energy compliance software ResCheck (residential compliance) and ComCheck (commercial compliance) has been updated to comply with the 2015 energy codes. DPS energy compliance guidelines for residential building and commercial building construction can be found on the DPS website



Effective December 31, 2015, DPS will be retiring the old IVR phone system used for scheduling inspections.  As DPS moves more services online, the aging phone system now only handles 1.6% of the 128,328 inspections scheduled in FY15.
DPS will continue schedule inspections through the DPS website or simply by calling 311 or 240-777-0311. 



The WSSC satellite office co-located at 255 Rockville pike offers DPS clients with select services:

  • Coordinate WSSC approvals necessary for building permit release 
  • Review electronic water- and/or sewer-related plans
  • Systems Extension Permits
  • Site Utility Plans and Minor Site Utility Plans
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Planning Commission Preliminary Plans
  •  Provide guidance and information regarding permitting processes.    

Payment of water bills cannot be processed at this location.

Power Outage

Thank you to All DPS Customers... 

for your understanding and patience in scheduling inspections and other delays in service due to the damage to DPS systems after the Pepco electrical outage.  All sytems are now restored.


eServices now accepts ACH payments for online permits!


Department of Permitting Services

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Rockville, MD  20850

For more information call 311 or 240-777-0311