FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Map Submission Portal Now Available for Citizens to Create Maps for Redistricting

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Kristin Fleckenstein

Map Submission Portal Now Available for
Citizens to Create Maps for Redistricting

Adjusted Census Data Now Incorporated
into Map Submission Portal

(September 2, 2021) BALTIMORE, MD - The Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) has added a map submission portal, which includes adjusted 2020 Census data, to While the Census data was released to all states on August 12, 2021, Maryland is one of nine states required by state law to reallocate incarcerated residents to their last known address. By incorporating this adjusted Census data into the portal, citizens can now begin creating their own redistricting maps.

The map submission portal, loaded with the adjusted data and including detailed instructions on how to submit a map, is now live. Map submissions will be reviewed by the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission (Citizens Commission) prior to their drawing of the maps if received by Friday, September 24 at noon. Additional submissions after the Citizens Commission has drawn their maps will also be accepted during the Round 3 meetings in October. Information on map submissions can be found at

“This step paves the way for the important process of drawing congressional and state legislative maps to begin,” said Planning Secretary Robert McCord. “I urge Marylanders to engage with the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission and be a part of this critical endeavor for our state. By actively participating, whether by submitting maps, offering testimony, or participating in a Citizens Commission meeting, you can play a role in the future of Maryland and help end gerrymandering.”

Governor Hogan issued an executive order in January 2021 establishing the Citizens Commission to prepare congressional and state legislative redistricting plans for the 2022 elections. The Citizens Commission is charged with preparing maps in a fair and impartial manner that allows voters to choose their elected representatives - not elected representatives choosing their voters.

To date, the Citizens Commission has completed the first of three rounds of public meetings – the first round was a listening tour; the second round of virtual meetings will begin September 9 at 6 p.m. to discuss the impact of adjusted Census data on congressional and state legislative districts and allow for the public to share maps with the Citizens Commission; and the third round will occur after the Citizens Commission drafts proposed district maps.

The summary population data for all Maryland counties and Baltimore City can be found here. The full data released by the U.S. Census Bureau for Maryland can be found here.

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