Governor's Smart Growth Subcabinet Virtual Public Forum July 29 

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Governor's Smart Growth Subcabinet will hold a virtual public forum on Wednesday, July 29 

The Governor's Smart Growth Subcabinet is holding a virtual public forum for county and municipal elected leaders and planning officials on Wednesday, July 29, 2020, between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. The Subcabinet will present information on available resources and tools to assist  local government partners with the Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery. This will also be an opportunity for elected leaders and planning officials to discuss with the subcabinet local government issues relating to activities that affect smart growth, development, neighborhood conservation, and resource management. 

To participate in the forum, you will need to register. 

If you have problem registering or have questions, please contact:

Chuck Boyd
Maryland Department of Planning
Phone: 410.767.1401 

The Smart Growth Subcabinet oversees and advises on Maryland’s growth policies and laws and works to create, enhance, support, and revitalize sustainable communities across Maryland. Its members will provide updates on land use, environmental, housing, economic development, and transportation issues chosen by county elected officials and staff. Open audience discussion will round out the session. Don’t miss your chance to connect directly with agency heads on critical smart growth and land use issues. 

Subcabinet Members 

  • Wendi Peters, Special Secretary of Smart Growth and Chair, Smart Growth Subcabinet 
  • Robert McCord, Secretary, Maryland Department of Planning and Vice Chair, Smart Growth Subcabinet 
  • Joseph Bartenfelder, Secretary, Maryland Department of Agriculture 
  • David Brinkley, Secretary, Maryland Department of Budget and Management 
  • Jinlene Chan, M.D., Secretary's Designee, Maryland Department of Health 
  • Ellington Churchill, Jr., Secretary, Maryland Department of General Services 
  • James Fielder, Jr., Secretary, Maryland Higher Education 
  • Carol Gilbert, Assistant Secretary for Neighborhood Revitalization, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development 
  • Ben Grumbles, Secretary, Maryland Department of the Environment 
  • Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio, Secretary, Maryland Department of Natural Resources 
  • Kenneth Holt, Secretary, Housing and Community Development 
  • Gerrit Knaap, Executive Director, National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education 
  • Gregory Slater, Secretary, Maryland Department of Transportation 
  • Tiffany Robinson, Secretary, Maryland Department of Labor 
  • Kelly Schulz, Secretary, Maryland Department of Commerce 
  • Mary Beth Tung, Director, Maryland Energy Administration
  • Michael L. Higgs, Director, Maryland State Department of Assessments & Taxation