Procurement Compliance Bulletin 1.25.2024

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Procurement Compliance Bulletin


Progress is Impossible Without Change


Progress is a forward movement that pushes us towards a destination. As a State, we are working together as a collective to initiate the changes that are necessary to reach our destination. This past year we have witnessed that even the smallest changes have been pivotal to the State's success. We begin this new year understanding that adaptability and being open to new processes are crucial to the success of Maryland’s socioeconomic procurement programs. It is time to embrace 2024, now more than ever, with collaboration and a renewed dedication to the SBR/MBE/VSBE programs as we push them even further to new heights. 

One of the ways we are starting off 2024 with progress, is the exciting announcement by Governor Wes Moore that our very own Nichelle Johnson has been named Maryland's first MBE Ombudsman. The MBE Ombudsman will serve as a partner to MBE Liaisons and procurement officers by working with prime contractors and MBEs to resolve issues that arise during contract performance, develop policies and guidance to assist agencies in implementing the MBE Program, conduct training for non-minority prime contractors as well as MBEs performing in the prime and/or subcontracting role, and operate as the subject matter expert to executives, legislators, state personnel, and stakeholder organizations. We look forward to the impact this new position will have in helping our MBE program move forward. 

FY2023 Annual Report Now Available

It is our pleasure to share the FY2023 Annual Report published by the Governor's Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs. It contains our executive analysis of the performance of all participating agencies/departments in the MBE, VSBE, and SBR socioeconomic procurement programs. Please take the time to review the full content as well as your unit's performance. Achieving Governor Moore's goal of highlighting our priorities will take the work of a village that is committed to changing old behaviors and identifying new pathways to access fair and equitable procurement processes so we can foster increased participation among our small, minority, women, and veteran-owned vendors.

FY2023 Annual Report

GAD List Workgroup

GOSBA is looking to update the Comptroller Objects Commodity Exclusion list, also known as the GAD list. The GAD list is an essential resource to aid SBR, MBE, and VSBE program report preparers in removing the necessary exclusions while preparing their agency's data for program reports. GOSBA understands that many agencies have questions about the GAD list and we invite the opportunity to create a more comprehensive, current, and complete exclusion list with insight from all of our agency partners such as MDOT, the University System, as well as others. 

This workgroup will get underway in early February and we are looking for some additional members. If you are willing to share your insights, please contact the workgroup coordinator by February 1, 2024.

Lisa Mitchell Sennaar
SBR Compliance Manager

MBE/VSBE/SBR Combined (Virtual) Liaison Training - February 15, 2024

Calendar invitations have been sent out for the next liaison training session. This training will cover a broad range of topics that impact many areas of each program. We welcome and encourage all internal stakeholders that participate in any areas of the MBE/SBR/VSBE programs to attend. This session will be particularly impactful to report preparers and all individuals who help collect and curate data. Training topics will include:

  • Agency Outreach Strategies
  • Introduction of Maryland’s first MBE Ombudsman
  • Reviewing FY2023 Annual Report Data
  • SBR and VSBE Certification Reminders

If you have not received the calendar invite and would like to attend, be sure to reach out to be added to our mailing list. If you do not wish to attend the upcoming meeting, simply decline the meeting invitation.

Lisa Mitchell Sennaar
SBR Compliance Manager

Quarterly Reporting Requirements

Participating agencies are required to report FY2024 MBE and SBR quarterly data to GOSBA
within 30 days of the quarter’s closing date. The due date for 2nd Quarter reports is on January 30th. Remember that the reports are cumulative, therefore, the 2nd Quarter Reports will include data from July 1st through December 31st.

  • Quarterly reporting is MANDATORY and timely submission of data is critical. The quarterly
    report will note participating agencies that fail to submit the required data on time. 
  • The MBE template has been revised and now includes a section to report quarterly
    outreach activities. The new template is available in the MBE Reporting Toolkit.
  • The SBR template and instructions are available in the SBR Reporting Toolkit.
  • Quarterly Reports do not have to be signed.
  • GOSBA will have 15 days to prepare a statewide quarterly report for the Governor, Lt. Governor, Board of Public Works, and Cabinet.

VSBE Program

VSBE Regulation Updates

Updated regulations  to the VSBE Program are scheduled to be published in the Register on January 26, 2024. This will open a 30-day public comment period. All VSBE stakeholders, please review. Many of the language changes come from the outdated use of VetBiz, updating the references of directory to database, and clarifying the difference between verification and certification and defining the VSBE certification process in COMAR 

Comments may be sent to Davon K. Gardner, Director of Policy & Legislative Affairs, Governor's Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs, Governor's Coordinating Offices, 100 Community Place, 3rd Floor, Crownsville, MD 21032, or call 667-644-1358, or email to Comments will be accepted through February 26, 2024. A public hearing has not been scheduled.


FY2024 Certified VSBEs

Please make the time to verify that all VSBEs performing on your contracts are certified in eMMA and have a valid VSBE Certification number. As a reminder, if they are not in eMMA as a certified VSBE, they cannot be counted toward achievement of your FY2024 VSBE goal. 

To address any questions or concerns about the annual reporting data, VSBE certification or outreach, please contact Danielle Davis at

Next Quarterly Compliance Call - March 7, 2024

GOSBA hosts a compliance call each quarter to address issues impacting how the SBR, MBE, and VSBE procurement programs are implemented by participating state agencies and departments. Topics for discussion come from you, our liaisons and procurement officers. We discuss them in an open and transparent forum so we can all learn from one another.

Please email topics you would like to have addressed
no later than February 22, 2024

Invitations will be sent out soon. If you have questions about the Compliance Call or would like to add a staff member to our mailing list, let us know. If you do not wish to attend any upcoming meetings, simply decline the meeting invitation.

For questions about the compliance call, please email 

Save the Date

SBR/MBE/VSBE Liaison Trainings:

February 15, 2024, 9am - 2:00pm
TBD- Reporting Training in 4th Quarter FY2024 

GOSBA Quarterly Compliance Calls:

March 7, 2024, 10am -12pm
June 6, 2024, 10am - 12pm

New Liaison On-Boarding Training:

March 19, 2024, 10am - 12:30pm