Small Biz Bulletin - July 2022

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Small Biz Bulletin - July 2022

Jimmy Rhee

Message from Special Secretary Rhee

Owning your own business appeals to so many men and women because it is a form of independence. You are your own boss, you control your own work experience, and you define your own lifestyle. Thankfully the entrepreneurial spirit is not confined by things like age, gender, race, or religion; and diversity in business ownership is good for everyone. Across this great nation, entrepreneurs of color operate more than 8 million businesses, generate $1.4 trillion in revenue, and employ more than 7 million people. They represent the fastest growing sector of our national small business economy. Immigrants, in particular, are twice as likely to start a business as native-born citizens. These entrepreneurs often operate in underserved communities and become a catalyst for positive changes. They strengthen the local economy and create a better quality of life by providing jobs and supporting social and philanthropic organizations within the communities they serve. As we prepare to commemorate the Declaration of Independence, let's work toward increasing access to entrepreneurship, especially to people of color. Their success impacts us all. Let us all work toward an America that truly lives up to its ideals, celebrates the diversity of its people, and encourages all citizens, and I mean ALL, to pursue their dreams. This is what the Fourth of July means to me. 

Jimmy Rhee
Special Secretary 

Project Restore

For Your Information

Project Restore Opening New Round of Applications Soon

A new round of applications for funding through the Project Restore program will open on July 7, 2022. Distribution of $14.5 million dedicated to revitalizing vacant retail and commercial spaces. Total funding of this economic recovery program is $25 million and two grant opportunities are available for businesses, including nonprofits, that are expanding, moving to, or opening in a property that was previously vacant for at least six months. Over 300 businesses statewide have already taken advantage of the program. According to Governor Larry Hogan, “Project Restore has already proven to be one of our most successful COVID-19 recovery initiatives. As we continue to award grants to businesses in every jurisdiction and work to make this program permanent, we are effectively driving more jobs and more investment to our small towns and main streets for years to come.” Project Restore is managed by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. Visit their website for details on eligibility and deadlines. 

Project Restore


MD Procurement Technical Assistance Center

Tap into Maryland PTAC

If you're trying to do business in the government sector, you should tap into the Maryland Procurement Technical Assistance Center (MDPTAC). Their team of skilled counselors prepare businesses to engage in the procurement process with federal, state, and local governments through the Maryland Procurement Technical Assistance Program (P, which was authorized by Congress in 1985 specifically to assist small businesses participating in the government marketplace. It receives funding from multiple tax-payer sources including the State of Maryland. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Bid match services
  • Support with bid package preparation
  • Pre/post-award contract assistance
  • Aid with electronic commerce/electronic data interchange
  • Training & outreach programs

You are eligible for MDPTAC's no-cost counseling services if your business has been open for at least one year and the products/services you offer have a reasonable expectation of being procured under a government contract or purchase order. Visit them online to learn more and complete the client application form.

Maryland Procurement Technical Assistance Center (MDPTAC)

TTC_YouTube Playlist

24/7 Access to New Training Library 

Life moves fast, and business moves even faster. We know you can't always participate in the webinars we offer. We can, however, give you 24/7 access to all the content. We recently launched the Technical Training Classroom video library playlist on YouTube. It contains the video recordings of all the sessions conducted over the past 12 months. This content is very carefully curated to help small, minority, women, and veteran business owners improve core competencies and gain an insightful understanding of the State's procurement processes. All sessions run under two hours and are taught by subject-matter -experts in both the public and private sectors. Check it out today!

Technical Training Classroom Playlist


TTC 2020 Classroom

Technical Training Classroom

Our Technical Training Classroom webinar series continues with two great sessions in July. The classes are free, you just need to register in advance to receive the participation link. 

If you missed last month's classes, you can download the accompanying slide decks by visiting the the Technical Training Classroom page of our website.

Technical Training Classroom


Business Events

Stay connected to the many opportunities for training, networking, and business development that are taking place across Maryland and on virtual platforms. Here is a highlight of some of the events coming up this month. 

07/05/2022 - How to Write a Business Plan 
07/07/2022 - Cost Proposal Development
07/08/2022 - Building Your Bond Capacity
07/12/2022 - Video Marketing Strategies that Generate Engagement & Leads
07/13/2022 - Tips for GSA Schedule and Compliance
07/18/2022 - Think Your Way to Business Success
07/20/2022 - Developing a Compelling Capability Statement
07/28/2022 - Building Bridges to Global Markets
07/26/2022 - Understanding Financial Statements
08/02/2022 - Maryland Department of Transportation MBE/DBE Application Assistance Workshop
08/06/2022 - Southern Maryland Minority Business Expo

Check out the full listing of small business events online at

4th of July
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