Small Biz Bulletin October 2017

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Small Biz Bulletin - October 2017

Jimmy Rhee

Message from Special Secretary Rhee

I am a voracious reader. I gravitate toward business-elated items, so you might find me with my head buried in the Wall Street Journal, the latest issue of the Economist, or possibly a 300-page study on capital markets. Reading is the quickest and most efficient way to invest in your own continuing education. I find great inspiration from reading, particularly about people who are different than me or those who have had a unique entrepreneurial journey. I don't know if reading makes me wiser, but I know it makes me happy. I also believe it makes me better at my job because it broadens my perspective so that I can serve Maryland's small business community more fully. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to read business publications or professional journals as part of your daily routine. Speaking from personal experience, it's a habit that continues to give dividends. In an extremely competitive marketplace, it is imperative that your business is positioned such that there is a tailwind propelling you. Gaining others' perspectives by reading could help you to sharpen your strategic position and leverage your competitive edge.

Jimmy Rhee
Special Secretary 

For Your Business

Expanding Opportunities Magazine 2017

Maryland is OPEN for Business

The Hogan Administration has been focused on three key areas for the past three years: Growing the private sector, creating jobs, and turning our statewide economy around. The progress is undeniable with over 127,000 new jobs, and being ranked 10th in the nation for overall economic performance. We want to keep the momentum going and are celebrating small business community contributions in the 2017 edition of our Expanding Opportunities magazine. We publish this valuable resource guide every year in collaboration with The Daily Record. It includes feature stories on small businesses - just like yours - who share their secrets of success, and includes a Q&A with Lt. Governor Rutherford on the state's efforts to expand the Small Business Reserve Program. Check it out online.
2017 Expanding Opportunities Magazine

Yumi Hogan

Ready, Set, GROW! is Coming to Price George's County

Meet Maryland's First Lady, Yumi Hogan, and join our celebration of National Women's Small Business Month when we take the Ready, Set, GROW! procurement connection workshop to Prince George's County. Join us on October 24th for this great networking and business development event where you can meet buyers from state agencies and learn what they are buying today, as well as what is in the pipeline. If you're a small business owner who wants to do business with the state of Maryland, this event is for you. Register today.
Ready, Set, GROW! Registration


Time Money

SBA Launches Lender Match

Every small business owner knows that finding money takes time. A new program from the Small Business Administration (SBA) is helping borrowers find lenders in their community faster and easier through an upgraded online platform called Lender Match. This matchmaking tool brings entrepreneurs together with SBA lenders within their community. The SBA's lending programs are in place to increase access to capital within the small business community. Getting a loan isn't easy, so they offer lots of tools to help you select the right loan program and guidance on how to prepare for the loan application process.  
Lender Match

Small Business Events

Most business development takes place outside the office. We maintain a robust calendar of events on our website. We update it daily, so be sure to check back often. Here are just a few upcoming events:

10/26/2017 - Business Boost Conference
10/28/2017 - Small Business Expo
10/31/2017 - Government Contracting Basics
11/08/2017 - NASA Tech Day
11/13/2017 - Business Opportunities & Entrepreneurial Training Summit
11/28/2017 - Technical Training Classroom:  Procurement 101
11/28/2017 - Technical Training Classroom:  MBE Forms

Check out our full range of small business events
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