Blue Crab Advisory Committee: Seeking Applicants

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Photo of: Man fishing at sunrise at lighthouse

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is seeking qualified applicants to fill the newly established Retail Crab Buyer seat on the Blue Crab Industry Advisory Committee.

The Blue Crab Industry Advisory Committee serves as an advisory body to the department on matters concerning the blue crab commercial fishing industry, including the structure of daily bushel limits and closures for mature female hard crabs, plus other issues of concern to the fishery that arise, and options for future management strategies as needed.

The Retail Crab Buyer seat on the committee will represent seafood dealers that participate in the blue crab bushel basket market.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a Dealer’s License
  • Be up to date on reports for their license
  • Be a multi-state blue crab buyer
  • Sell at least 20,000 bushels and/or $2 million in blue crabs annually
  • Have fewer than 10 points on their Natural Resources violation history for the last two years

Committee members have the following responsibilities:

  • Prepare for meetings: Read distributed information prior to meetings; discuss issues with the people you represent; and prepare to communicate the viewpoints and concerns of those you represent.  
  • Service between meetings: Maintain regular communication with the people you represent, informing them of committee progress and work.
  • Work in meetings: Attend to process; follow agenda; suggest solutions or compromises; search for closure.
  • Participate: Use the capacities and resources you possess; promote the ideas, perspectives, and constituencies you represent while adhering to the purpose of the Blue Crab Industry Advisory Committee. 

If you are interested in this seat, please complete an application here. 

For more information or questions please email Genine McClair, Blue Crab Program Manager. 

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