Trout Stocking: April 10, 2019

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Banner showing view from fishing boat on lake

Maryland Department of Natural Resources crews stocked 5,350 trout.

Carroll County

  • South Branch Patapsco River: 300 rainbow trout (delayed harvest)
  • South Branch Patapsco River (River Road): 400 golden and rainbow trout

Frederick County 

  • Urbana Lake: 200  golden and rainbow trout
  • Whiskey Springs Pond: 300 golden and rainbow trout
  • Woodsboro Community Pond: 200 golden and rainbow trout  

Garrett County 

  • North Branch Potomac River: 1,350 rainbow trout (delayed harvest) 
  • North Branch Potomac River (Barnum): 900 golden and rainbow trout 
  • North Branch Potomac River (Westernport): 850 golden and rainbow trout 

Prince George's County

  • Lake Artemesia: 400 golden and rainbow trout 

Washington County 

  • Antietam Creek: 450 brown, golden and rainbow trout 

Fishing licenses and trout stamps are available for purchase here.   

The 2019 Spring Trout Stocking Schedule is available to download.  

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