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Volume One, Issue Five                                                                              Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Director's Message: Opportunity for Practices to Apply


The month of August is a very exciting time for the Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP). The application period for Care Transformation Organizations (CTOs) has just closed, and CMS has published a list of organizations with preliminary approval. Importantly, the Practice Application Portal is now open for interested primary care practices to submit their applications. To assist practices choose whether a CTO is right for them, an online CTO Comparison Tool is available to help identify which CTOs are providing services in each county. The site also provides specific information about each CTO.

There are numerous benefits for practices that are selected to participate in the MDPCP. MDCPC offers primary care practices an opportunity to greatly expand patient services through the addition of care managers, behavioral health specialists, pharmacists, community health workers, and others working in a team approach to provide measurably high-quality health care. A new value-based payment system rewards practices for focusing attention on those with the greatest need and for delivering high quality care, rather than focusing on seeing a higher number of patients. 

The application period for practices is only open until Aug. 31, so we encourage practices to thoroughly review the materials on our website, including FAQs, mini-webinar series, and upcoming educational events. We hope that you will consider joining us as we work to improve care delivery for all Marylanders.

Howard Haft, MD, MMM, FACPE

Executive Director, Program Management Office

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CTO Selections Announced

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) has conducted a thorough review of all CTO applications and published the full list of approved CTOs. The list is preliminary as organizations have not signed Participation Agreements with CMS.


The online CTO Comparison Tool is now available to help interested practices compare available options for a CTO partner. The tool allows practices to view a specific list of CTOs that are providing services in each county, as well as more detail about each individual CTO. While partnering with a CTO is completely voluntary, practices interested in partnering should indicate their first and second choices as part of their MDPCP application. 


New Practice Resources Available

If you are a primary care practice interested in participating in the MDPCP, there are several online resources that can help you learn more about the program and prepare your application:


    MDPCP Education

    The Program Management Office (PMO) hosts many events to educate stakeholders about the upcoming MDPCP. Events include in-person meetings, online presentations, and the weekly release of new videos for a mini-webinar series.

    Mini-Webinar Series

    Mini-webinars are only a few minutes in length to provide a concise, easy-to-understand overview of important topics. They also answer many question applicants frequently have during the application process. Recently added webinar topics include: 

    • Practice Application Overview—View now 
    • Practice Application Portal—View now 
    • CTO Role and Services—View now
    • Practice Payments (new)View now
    • Comprehensive Primary Care Payment (CPCP) (new)View now

    Upcoming Events

    Other educational events being held in the upcoming weeks include:

    Full Calendar


    Program Timeline

    Now that the RFA for the MDPCP has been released, and CTO selections have been announced, there are several upcoming application deadlines and milestones:  

    • The Practice Application Portal is now open, and will be available until Friday, Aug. 31 at midnight
    • CMS will review practice applications and announce selections, as well as CTO assignments, this fall
    • Selected practices and CTOs will sign Participation Agreements and Business Associate Agreements in the late fall
    • The program will officially launch Jan. 1, 2019

      Please see the timeline for a more detailed overview of the application and selection process.

      For more information about the MDPCP, educational resources, and a calendar of upcoming events,  visit our website. 

      For questions, please reach out to or call 844-711-CMMI, and press Option 7 for MDPCP.