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In this Issue

Message From McCraney


Hello Neighbors and Friends,

December entered the scene with sunshine and warm weather. However, it will soon turn the corner and usher in the holiday weather that will require us to bundle up to stay warm. While we're transitioning into the colder season, I want to share a hodgepodge of things that are going on around the city that might warm your heart.

As you may recall, when the initial LMPD collective bargaining agreement was presented to the Council for approval, I was one of the few who voted to send the contract back to the drawing board. I did so because I wanted them to negotiate higher salaries for our hardworking officers. Because of my bold and controversial advocacy for our police officers, I am overjoyed to announce that a revised collective bargaining agreement has been approved by LMPD officers and sergeants. This new contract comes with a significant salary increase that just might prove to be the competitive edge we need to retain and recruit good police officers. The contract will come before the Council for approval on December 16, and I anticipate it being approved without much - if any - debate.  

Mayor Greg Fischer has proposed a $20 million mid-year spending adjustment from FY21 that will provide funding to update the city’s fleet, including outdated Public Works trucks, to match a potential federal grant, and for potential salary/wage boosts in FY22 to hire and retain quality Louisville Metro Government (LMG) employees. The $20 million adjustment reflects savings from LMG agency operations as well as unanticipated revenue growth in FY21, according to Monica Harmon, the city’s Chief Financial Officer. The proposed ordinance will be considered at Budget Committee on December 9, and could be voted on by the full Council on December 16. 

December 1 marked the return of the Louisville Free Public Library’s annual winter reading program for adults, Books & Brews 502. Whether you choose to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee, or meet up with friends at stops along the Louisville Ale Trail, Books & Brews 502 will make it fun and rewarding this winter. The Adult Winter Reading Program is free and runs from December 1 through February 28. Participants earn points by reading books and attending library programs, including Books & Brews 502 events at participating coffee shops and breweries. The more points you earn, the more chances you have to win great prizes from area businesses like Carmichael's Bookstore​, Kentucky Kingdom, Belle of Louisville, Lucky Cat Café, Baxter Ave. & Village 8 Theatres​, Lou City FC & Racing Louisville FC, and more.

Great news! Among those getting the booster shot, case rates have been plummeting, and regarding the Omicron variant, hospitals in Southern Africa have reported that symptoms of the variant are much milder in comparison to previous mutations. 

A lot of good things are happening throughout our community and I hope the holiday spirit will inspire you to take advantage of some of the fun things that are listed in this issue. From next week's informational meeting about the VA Medical Center to toy drives, adopt-a-child programs, shopping events, and pictures with Santa, there is something to do for everyone.

If you would like to share some fun holiday events, traditions, or recipes with District 7 residents through the eNewsletter, please email me at paula.mccraney@louisvilleky.gov.

Hello December!

District 7 Community Meeting


This is a reminder that I am hosting a forum to provide information on the new VA Medical Center that is to be built on Brownsboro Road.

Moving forward, there will be a section under my message in this newsletter to provide for any new updates on this project. It is my objective to ensure that you have a steady stream of information in one place, every week. Even if there are no updates, this will be included and communicated. The VA and US Army Corps of Engineers have committed to being good neighbors throughout this project, and I am in contact with both of these groups, as well as local mayors of surrounding home-rule cities. We are working as a team to keep constituents completely in the loop!



For construction-related inquiries, send e-mail to this address: LOUVAMCconstruction@usace.army.mil

Council Meeting Summary


During the Metro Council meeting this week, an ordinance, of which I was the primary sponsor, was narrowly defeated. The ordinance’s intent was to prevent potential employers from using an individual’s credit history against them during the hiring process.

When I propose legislation, I always do so understanding the real-world impacts it would have on people’s lives if it were to pass. That is why I put in the work to research topics and follow facts and data. As I have repeatedly said, I like numbers. Numbers tell a story, and it is up to elected officials to decipher the meaning of that story, and piece together solutions if they are needed. If anyone (constituents, colleagues, family or friends) wants to convince me of something, I need them to give me numbers.

Here are the numbers on credit checks and discrimination according to a 2013 publication entitled “Discredited,” which used data from a National Survey on Credit Card Debt in Low and Middle-Income Households:

Among survey respondents who were unemployed, 1 in 4 said a potential employer requested to check their credit history as part of their job application. 1 in 10 unemployed respondents were informed they would not be hired because of information in their credit report. 1 in 7 respondents who had poor credit were advised they were not being hired specifically because of their credit.

These numbers show that credit checks in the application process are common, and that they pose a barrier to employment in a significant number of instances. Some argue that credit history is indicative of things like work ethic, follow-through and personal honor. However, the numbers push back on this argument. “Discredited” cites findings that among low and middle-income households with credit debt, poor credit is associated with job loss, lack of health coverage, and medical debt. Is it fair to use an unforeseen job loss or past medical emergency as a barometer for job competence? The paper found that 31% of households who had a member out of work for two or more months saw a decline in their credit score. As the pandemic has proven extensively, job loss and medical emergencies can occur simultaneously and without the fault of any one individual.

The data also suggest that women are heavily impacted by these practices. In 2012, the National Partnership for Women & Families (a non-profit organization in DC) published a fact sheet showing that these credit checks disproportionately affect women. These were some of the findings:

Women working year round, full time, are paid approximately $11,000 less than men. Households headed by single women are 75% more likely than other types of households to have zero or negative net worth. Only 43% of women say they have an emergency fund to support themselves if they were to lose their job, compared with 63% of men. Nearly half of single Black women and Latinas are in debt or have zero wealth.

In a WFPL story outlining the defeat of the ordinance, a joint report from the National Consumer Law Center & Center for Economic Justice was cited finding that Black & Latino Americans are "over-represented among consumers with low credit or no credit at all." In the story, I share my personal tale of being a poor Black woman in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a bad credit score. If I had not been given an opportunity to prove myself, I would have never become the vice president of a bank, started two businesses, and been able to run for office. I am proof that a credit score is not necessarily indicative of a poor work ethic or lack of drive.

In sum, I am disappointed the ordinance did not pass. Questions arose from my colleagues as to how this would affect small businesses, and the necessity of an ordinance to prevent this type of discrimination. In my research of small businesses and in a preliminary survey of small business owner members of the Louisville Independent Business Alliance, it was noted that small businesses do not use credit reports in hiring decisions, and most of them indicated that they can't afford to pay the cost of accessing one's credit even if they wanted to use credit reporting as a hiring tool.

Reasonable minds differed while determining this ordinance, but in my heart, I felt I needed to sponsor, propose and argue in favor of it. Research and numbers don't lie, and I stand by the research that states credit checks illegitimately obstruct access to employment, often for the very job applicants who need work the most. Research also proves that credit reports were not designed as an employment screening tool. Instead, they were developed as a means for lenders to evaluate whether a would-be borrower would be a good credit risk. There is no correlation between a person's poor credit rating and employment performance. 

It’s an honor to serve District 7, and I will continue doing my homework and looking for ways to improve our District and our city.

Click here for the legislation.

To read the WFPL story about the outcome of the vote, click here: WFPL story 

Click here to watch the meeting. Discussion of the ordinance starts exactly one hour in.


Update from Metro Health


We are still learning about the Omicron variant. Meanwhile, the vaccine remains the best way to protect health and prevent serious illness from COVID-19

Check the full list of Metro Health mobile vaccine clinics here.

Adopt-A-Child Christmas Program


You can also donate here

If you use the above link, please make sure to designate your donation for "Adopt-A-Child" and consider covering the 5% processing fee so your full donation can go directly to a child in need.

Toy Drive


Tree Giveaway


Louisville Metro’s Division of Community Forestry can give your neighborhood association 50 trees to plant along the right-of-way. To get started, please contact them online or at communityforestry@louisvilleky.gov.

Prevent Surface Flooding


Recycling Broken String Lights



Westport Village


Santa at Westport Village

Snap your own free photos with Santa and Mrs. Claus at Westport Village, located near The Comfy Cow! This event will take place on the 4th from 4:30-6:30 pm as well as the 11th and the 18th from 1:00-3:00 pm.


Christmas Market

The holiday market at Westport Village will return to the green space with up to ten local vendors for one-of-a-kind gifts! This will be a recurring event on Fridays-Sundays through December 19th.

For hours and vendors click here.

Mall St. Matthews


Santa Pictures

Make this holiday magical by visiting St. Nick! Santa's helpers have been working hard decking the halls, so don't miss out. Take photos with Santa and create family memories. Reservations encouraged.

Click here for more information.

Santa Cares Day

You’re invited! Children within all spectrums of special needs and their families are welcome to join us before the mall opens for our sensory-friendly event to experience the time-honored tradition of a visit and photos with Santa.

Click here for more information.

Santa in Beechwood Village

Jolly Old Saint Nick is back this year to visit all the good children of Beechwood Village. Santa will start at Beechwood Baptist Church and will travel around the Village to spread holiday cheer! This year’s Santa Run is coming up on Sunday, December 12th, from 1PM to 3PM. Be on the lookout for Santa on his big, red fire truck.


At the Library


St. Matthews Library, 3940 Grandview Avenue

On Saturday, December 4th from from 10:30 am-12:00 pm, come out for a Pint-Size Playdate. Pint-Size Playdate is a chance to meet new families and enjoy social playtime. Coffee and toys provided! Ages 0-5.

Click here for more information.

Northeast Regional Library, 15 Bellevoir Circle

Monday, December 6th from 1:00-2:30 pm, come make Winter Wonderland Shaker Cards! Tis the season for holiday cards. Instead of buying one, why don't you make one? Join us in the Maker Space to learn about the Cameo Silhouette machine and craft your very own snow globe shaker card. Supplies will be included but seating is limited; please call 502-394-0379 to register. 

Click here for more information.


Life Hacks!


Safety Reminder:



Metro Louisville now has an interactive map that will allow you to see what is happening in your neighborhood as well as others across the city. The map updates daily and if you choose you can receive alerts for your area by subscribing using the red receive alerts button on the page.  Click here to try it out: Interactive Map to Track Crime.

LMPD 8th Division Crime Map

No crime reported!



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