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Message From McCraney


Hello Neighbors and Friends, 

During the Council meeting on last Thursday, the newly drawn redistricting maps for all 26 districts were approved 19-7. The ordinance is on the desk of the mayor and goes into effect upon his signature. I was one of the 19 Council members who voted in favor of the new maps. 

As mentioned in a prior eNewsletter, District 7 shifted eastward and several neighborhoods were added while some were deleted. The following precincts have been added to District 7: E143, E181, F180, S146, and parts of E145 (7 blocks) and E162 (7 blocks). I will be learning more about the makeup of these precincts and then begin visiting our new neighbors to introduce myself and get the residents signed up to receive the eNewsletter.

The suburban cities that will no longer be a part of District 7 are: Murray Hill, Indian Hills, Mockingbird Valley, Riverwood, Rolling Fields, Riverwood (precincts S131, N126, N131, N141, and S166), parts of Druid Hills (N125), and precinct L152. The following precincts will remain in District 7: E141, E142, E144, E154, E155, E157, E171, E173, E175, E183, E185, F179, F181, F182, L153, N142, N143, N144, S119, and S142.

Click here Where Do I Vote? (jeffersoncountyclerk.org) to determine your precinct number.

Please know that I will miss all of the residents who will shift to another district. I want to assure you that you will be in good hands with your new Council member. If I can help you get acclimated to your new district, don't hesitate to contact me.

By a vote of 18-8, Metro Council ratified the LMPD Collective Bargaining Agreement between Louisville Metro Government and the River City Fraternal Order of Police lodge No. 614. The contract covers wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment of lieutenants and captains in Louisville Metro Police Department. The contract increases the pay of lieutenants and captains by 20% by the year 2023, and factors in some police reform. I was one of the eight “no” votes on this agreement. Why? Because the contract does not increase the pay for these fine and hardworking officers enough to be competitive with other regional law enforcement agencies. Why would we support a contract that, out of the gate, is not enough pay to attract others to our police force or attractive enough to retain the good officers we already have? We are already over 200 officers short. Additionally, our nation is experiencing "The Great Resignation." There were 4.3 Americans who quit jobs in August. That represents 3% of the U.S. workforce. The mass exodus is due to working conditions, pay, and poor leadership. Our police officers deserve better than what they are currently receiving. As long as I am a Council member, I will advocate for good policing, good pay, good working conditions and competent and caring leadership. Period!

Also, I voted against this contract because there were some reforms that several Council members wanted strengthened, including:

  • Supervisors may maintain one (1) file for each Member under their supervision which contains informal notes by the supervisor concerning the Member's job performance or conduct, notes made in performance review or other counseling sessions with the Member, copies of completed work assignments, drafts or work in progress and informal written communications between the Member and the supervisor concerning performance or conduct issues. However, documents contained in supervisory files shall not be retained after one (1) year from said documentation. Shouldn't these notes be a permanent part of an officer’s file?
  • Records of a positive drug test or refusal to submit to such test as provided in this Agreement shall be maintained from the date of the incident which gave rise to the positive test or refusal until final disposition of any grievance, Police Merit Board appeal or appeal thereof. All such records shall not be utilized for any purpose after one (1) year from the date of the incident that gave rise to the positive test or refusal, so long as there is no subsequent positive test or refusal to submit to a test. Positive drug tests should be a permanent part of an officer’s file. (Note: for most jobs, a positive drug test is a firing offense.)

As I stated before casting my vote, I wanted badly to approve this agreement but also wanted the Council to use its collective power to get these two items changed in the contract and the pay increase renegotiated. Again, the contract passed 18-8. I am hopeful that the debate regarding this contract will encourage the negotiation of a top pay increase for the rank-and-file officers’ bargaining agreement. I am also hopeful that police reforms are noted in the next contract. Strong police reforms will help restore the trust in LMPD and trust leads to a healthier and happier community partnership between residents and officers. A respected police force will also help attract more citizens to become police officers.

Lastly, the Council unanimously passed the $182 million allocation of the American Rescue Plan funds. Affordable housing, permanent supportive housing, and accommodations and services for members of the houseless community received the bulk of the funding at $89 million. In addition, $8 million has been designated for down payment assistance for first time homeowners and home repair programs. This is the largest investment ever allotted to the housing crisis our community faces. Unfortunately, this large commitment only puts a dent in the housing problem. When all the money is used for the designated number of affordable units, our community will still be severely short of housing units to accommodate all citizens.

Click here to review the ARP package:  ARP Funding

There is approximately $160 million remaining in the ARP funds. Metro Council will soon discuss how these funds will be allocated with consideration of the recommendation of the workforce development task force. Other areas of interest include childcare and repair of housing units under the management of the Louisville Metro Housing Authority.

This spending is critical, and we are fortunate to have bee awarded these dollars from our federal government. Let us not forget, however, that these are one-time funds and whatever is funded today will need to be sustained in the future through the Louisville Metro Government budget or canceled. Also, keep in mind that the reason for these funds was because of damages caused by the pandemic. We would love to receive this type of funding yearly to complement our annual budget, but we surely don’t want it under the same circumstances!

VA Medical Center Groundbreaking

On last Thursday, a groundbreaking ceremony took place for the new VA Medical Center. The full-service hospital will be located on 34 acres of land at 4906 Brownsboro Road, replacing the existing 69-year-old Robley Rex VA Medical Center. The VA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will partner to build the facility.

The VA Medical Center will include 104 beds, several parking structures, a 42,205 square foot central utility plant, roadways and sidewalks, and is reported to be about 910,115 square feet. 

The Medical Center will also incorporate modern patient-centered care concepts, hoping to provide the best possible care for veterans.





Now that the VA Medical Center groundbreaking has taken place, it's time for us to be informed about what the future holds for our neighborhood. Please mark your calendar and join me as we receive answers to our most pressing questions about our proposed new neighbors.

Joining me will be the following representatives:

1. VA Medical Center Public Affairs Officer

2. MSD Representatives

3. U.S. Army Corps of Engineer (overseeing construction)

4. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Engineer

I have also invited Senator Mitch McConnell (we were told that he will be in Washington, D.C. on that day), Congressman John Yarmuth, and all state representatives and state senators surrounding District 7.

Of course, YOU are the very special guests of the day, so please plan to attend!

Muffins with McCraney Recap


Last week, I hosted a Muffins with McCraney public forum to discuss issues affecting District 7 constituents. Thank you, State Representative Tina Bojanowski (pictured), for attending and sharing state information on sound barriers and other pertinent projects. 


The main topics of discussion were redistricting and the upcoming construction of the new VA Medical Center on Brownsboro Road. If you were unable to make it, here is some of the information that was discussed:


New Metro Council districts have been proposed by a special Council committee. The committee was formed to work on the redistricting required after new census data was released earlier this year.

Population movement in Louisville Metro has been to the east for many years. To keep the population of districts as nearly equal as is reasonably possible, districts have also moved east.

The full proposed map and individual district maps are here. More information about the whole process is here.

VA Medical Center Information 

Click here for the link to the new VA Medical Center website, which contains renderings of the upcoming facilities, as well as FAQs. 

There are other FAQs that are specific to District 7 residents that aren't listed on the site.  Some of the most popular questions from District 7 residents are listed below. Answers are from the Public Affairs Officer of the Robley Rex VA Medical Center, the US Army Corps of Engineers and HTA Enterprises (rock blasting service).

Will any adjacent neighborhood streets connect to the VA Medical Center?

The VA site does connect to Carlimar Lane. This access is gated and is to be used in an emergency situation only. The construction contractor is not to use this entrance for their work.

Will there be a perimeter barrier around the site?

During construction the contractor is required to have a post driven chain-link fence installed along the perimeter of the construction site. Temporary post-driven fencing must be galvanized chain link a minimum of six feet high. Also, per permits, there will be silt fencing for storm water management.

The permanent perimeter fence is a nine foot tall galvanized steel, square picket fence. Additionally, there is an extensive landscaping plan for the site. This plan includes numerous shade and ornamental trees that will be planted along the property boundary (fence line).

Will there be sufficient drainage?

We are currently in the final stages of obtaining a Large Site Disturbance Permit from Metropolitan Sewer District, and a permit for discharge to the Watterson Expressway drainage channel from KYTC. As required by both regulating entities our design/construction incorporates features (detention basins and underground storage) that greatly limits storm water discharge, and exceeds the typical requirements for post-construction storm water runoff from the VA site.

When will blasting occur?

It is anticipated blasting will commence sometime after December 1st of this year and require 5-6 months to complete. Once under way, it is expected that blast(s) will occur between the times of 2 pm and 4 pm each day. The following notification signaling shall be employed for each blast:

Safety Signals: The following safety signals shall be used during blasting operations:

(1) 5 MINUTE WARNING SIGNAL - a series of long audible signals 5 minutes prior to the blast signal;

(2) 1 MINUTE TO BLAST SIGNAL - a series of short audible signals 1 minute prior to the shot; and

(3) ALL CLEAR SIGNAL - a prolonged audible signal following the inspection of the blast area.

Signs indicating "Blasting Zone Ahead" shall be located on streets bounding, or approaching the project's perimeter. All affected vehicular and pedestrian traffic shall be stopped prior to the five-minute warning.

Activity Center at the Islamic School


A neighborhood meeting regarding building an activity center for the Islamic School of Louisville at 8215 Old Westport Road will be held on November 16th at 6:00 pm

For specific details please click here.

For basic details of the case please click here.

The meeting will be held via Zoom at this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4748500964?pwd=RGk5YXZXL2dlQ1lHeUh1MjJXWmw0Zz09 


River Road Paving


The section of River Road from from Blankenbaker Ln. to Lime Kiln Ln. is scheduled to be repaved the week of November 15th.

Note: The schedule is subject to change due to weather and/or operational factors.

Changes to Childcare Regulations


Learn how to participate online here.

To view proposed changes and submit comments click here.

Homelessness Awareness Week


Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week is an annual national campaign that happens the week before Thanksgiving (11/13-11/21 this year).

No one should have to worry about whether they will have food on their plate or a roof over their head. But the reality is that hunger and homelessness are widespread problems that affect far too many people. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we know many of the existing problems both in our city and across our country have worsened.

Mayor Fischer declared November 13–21, 2021 as “Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week” in our city.

Local activities during Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week include:

  • A Sock Drive hosted by Simmons College. Socks are among the most requested items by individuals experiencing homelessness.
  • Videos and highlights by organizations and individuals on the frontlines such as Save the Children that raise awareness around childhood and family homelessness and hunger across Kentucky.

And don’t forget to Go Orange for Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week. Wear Orange and take an Orange Ribbon Selfie.

Click here for more information.

Reminder from MSD


Louisville MSD would like to remind residents about the dangers of FOG: Fats, Oils and Grease. The traditional Thanksgiving meal means plenty of fats, oils and grease are left behind, and it’s important to emphasize proper disposal of FOG to prevent serious damage and clogs to pipes in homes and to the sewer system. 

No matter the time of year, there’s plenty that residents can do from home to help ensure safe, clean waterways!

Tips are available here.

Upcoming Job Fair


On-site interviews will be conducted for positions in maintenance, recreation, aquatics and more! Immediate recommendations will be made. 

Interviewees will have access to computers for applications. Please bring your driver's license for background checks. 

Join the Parks and Recreation team and receive:

  • Free health insurance for families
  • Paid leave and vacation
  • Numerous opportunities for training and advancement

Meet Metro Parks staff and learn about joining the team that provides fun, diverse and healthy activities to city residents!

Click here to go to the Parks website.


Northeast YMCA Turkey Trot


The 2021 Northeast Family YMCA Turkey Trot 4-Miler will take place on Thanksgiving morning, Thursday, November 25, 2021 at 8 am. There will also be a Kids' Trot, beginning at 9:30 am, as well as virtual race options for both the Turkey Trot 4-Miler and the Kids' Trot.

You are welcome to run/walk at your own pace! The YMCA will be recognizing the top 3 overall female and male winners as they cross the finish line. The Northeast YMCA is located at 9400 Mill Brook Road.

Click here for more information.

Light Up St. Matthews


Light Up St. Matthews has been a tradition for decades for thousands of residents and visitors to the City of St. Matthews. The annual holiday event features musical entertainment, letters to Santa, pictures with Santa, train rides, ice skating, activities for the kids, and fun for the entire family.

Free cookies and hot chocolate are available for everyone to enjoy. No matter the weather, most activities are held under a big tent. The event begins at 3:00 p.m. and concludes at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 4th. This will be when the switch is thrown and Brown Park “Lights Up” with thousands and thousands of colorful holiday lights.

The event is held at Brown Park in St. Matthews, located at the corner of Kresge Way and Browns Lane, next to Baptist Health Hospital.  Free parking for the event is at the Baptist Health Louisville doctors building, 4007 Kresge Way, directly across from the hospital with easy access to the park via a signaled crosswalk.

The seasonal lights will stay lit nightly until after the New Year. Residents and visitors to the community are welcome to visit the park daily throughout the holiday season to enjoy the lights.

In the case of a dangerous weather event OR due to COVID-19 restrictions some changes may occur to keep the event safe.

Event is rain or shine.

Click here for more information.

Light Up Louisville


Light Up Louisville will be at Jefferson Square Park on Friday, November 26th! This event will put you and your loved ones into the holiday spirit one twinkling light at a time.

Holiday lights and a brightly lit Christmas Tree will adorn the Jefferson Square and Metro Hall lawns. The festive light display will include a rainbow of colors to celebrate Christmas, along with holiday-themed gobo lights celebrating Kwanza, Hanukkah and all the season's special days that seek to reflect the diversity of our community.

Click here for more information.


Easily Dispensable Snacks


Placing cheerios, trail mix and more in empty coffee creamer bottles allows you to easily pour just the right amount out to keep your toddler entertained (and full). They’re not only great for in-house storage but at the park, in the pocket of your car, or on a boat, as it keeps the snacks from getting smushed.

Easily Pour Oils


Instead of removing the foil from dressing or oil, poke holes in it, instead. That way you’ll never have dressing come rushing out of the bottle too quickly again. Just think of all the calories you’ll save!

This is also a great tip for things like vegetable oil (shown in the picture), rubbing alcohol, and mineral oil.

Chill Wine With Frozen Grapes


If you want your wine chilled, but don’t want to dilute the flavor, try sticking some frozen grapes in your glass instead of ice cubes.

Safety Reminder:



Metro Louisville now has an interactive map that will allow you to see what is happening in your neighborhood as well as others across the city. The map updates daily and if you choose you can receive alerts for your area by subscribing using the red receive alerts button on the page.  Click here to try it out: Interactive Map to Track Crime.



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*District 7 Disclaimer:  By taking part in District 7 events, you grant Councilwoman Paula McCraney full rights to use the images resulting from photograph/video filming. Councilwoman McCraney will have the right to any reproductions or adaptations of the images for inclusion in her e-Newsletter or other Council publications. This might include, but is not limited to, the right to use them in printed and online materials, social media and news releases.

If you do not wish to be photographed, please inform logan.fogle@louisvilleky.gov prior to event attendance.