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Respiratory Care Week is our chance to celebrate the profession and let the community know how vital these professionals are to patient health. Respiratory therapists have entered the spotlight for their efforts in saving lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. We could not have made it through without their lifesaving work and dedication to patient care.

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Message From McCraney


Hello Neighbors and Friends,

After months of work and careful consideration, the Metro Council Ad Hoc Committee on Redistricting presented its proposal for redrawing the Metro Council district maps based on the 2020 U.S. Census data. The redistricting maps were revealed Thursday evening during a special Redistricting meeting. Some neighborhoods, precincts, and home-rule cities in District 7 are affected, and will become a part of a different district by the end of this year.

Below are the before and after maps for your comparison. At first glance, it appears that the following precincts will move to District 16: N126, N141, N131, and S166. Precinct S131 moves to District 17. Precincts S146, F180, E157, E162, and E181 were in other districts and will now shift to District 7.

The Census shows Jefferson County’s population grew from 741,096 in 2010 to 782,969 in 2020. Along with the population growth, the county also experienced a population shift over the last 10 years with more people moving from west to east Louisville.

The committee prioritized equal representation across all 26 council districts when redrawing these boundaries, with a median population of 30,114 people per district.

Current District 7 Map (Yellow Area)


Proposed District 7 Map (White Area)



The U.S. Census is conducted every 10 years per the United States Constitution. Based on the 2020 data, Kentucky’s self-response rate of 68.2% topped the national rate of 67%.

The Census counts every person so that local and state governments can use the information for redistricting, which is the redrawing of council district lines to adjust for how the county’s population has grown, changed, and shifted.

Pursuant to state statutes, Metro Council boundaries shall be drawn so that the districts are compact, contiguous, and the population of each district shall be as nearly equal as is reasonably possible with a deviation of no more than 10%. Each district shall respect existing neighborhood, community, and city boundaries whenever possible. This ensures communities have equal access to political representation.

An integral part of the redistricting process is understanding where and how the county’s population has shifted since the previous Census. The median council district population in 2010 was 28,503. The new data shows some districts in the eastern part of the county ballooning well over that median and some districts in the western part of the county dropping below the old median.

If the current district lines remained the same, the following would be the wide range in population:

Highest district population: 37,302 (District 19)

Lowest district population: 25,035 (District 5)

Based on the proposed maps, district populations would adjust to the following:

Highest district population: 31,576 (District 23)

Lowest district population: 28,612 (District 4)

Median district population: 30,114

If the new maps are approved, it would ensure a 5% deviation from the median population and that Black and minority populations are fairly represented.

Proposed Maps

The proposed redistricting maps are available on Metro Council’s website:



The redistricting ordinance will be filed on October 25. The committee will host a meeting with public comment on October 27. Metro Council intends to vote on the maps on November 11.

Public Comment

To foster transparency throughout the redistricting process, the committee hosted two public meetings to encourage academic and public comment.

People can still submit comments regarding these maps on Metro Council’s website:


And the Ad Hoc Committee on Redistricting invites the public to comment at its next meeting on Wednesday, October 27, at 5:00 p.m. People must register online by Tuesday:


Mayor Selects Inspector General


Photo courtesy of WDRB

On Tuesday, October 19, I filed a resolution to initiate the process of approving Mayor Greg Fischer’s choice for the city’s first Inspector General, Edward W. Harness.

The Inspector General, along with the newly created Civilian Review and Accountability Board, will be responsible for investigating and reviewing the Louisville Metro Police Department and the Louisville Metro Government. The term for the Office of Inspector General will be four years.

I sponsored the resolution on the heels of the mayor’s announcement that he selected Harness out of three qualified candidates, which were recommended by the Inspector General search committee, on which I served. I support the selection of Mr. Harness due to his extraordinary skills and experiences, and to the degree that the Mayor's Office thoroughly vetted him before extending an employment offer. (Vetting IG candidates was not the task of the Louisville search committee. Our responsibility was to select candidates to interview from a list of applicants that were presented to us after the Mayor's Office conducted a nationwide search using a professional search firm.) 

Serving with me on the search committee were Matt Golden, Chief Public Services Director, Louisville Metro Government; Ernestine Booth-Henry, Human Resources Director, Louisville Metro Government; and Kellie Watson, Vice-Chairwoman, Civilian Review & Accountability Board.

The appointment of Inspector General requires the approval of Metro Council. I served as co-chair of the Civilian Review Board Work Group to create the current review board and intend to shepherd Harness's appointment resolution through the Metro Council appointment approval process barring any unforeseen complications.  


Mr. Harness is uniquely qualified for the IG position, having served as a police officer and police commissioner and currently the Executive Director for the Albuquerque Civilian Police Oversight Agency. The expectation is for Mr. Harness to hit the ground running and be committed to full transparency and promptness in releasing accurate, timely, fair, objective, and thorough reports. Upon completion of an investigation, the IG shall identify opportunities to drive efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity throughout Louisville Metro Government and the Louisville Metro Police Department.

If confirmed, Mr. Harness will come to Louisville from Albuquerque, New Mexico. It will be important for him to get acclimated to Louisville by meeting with citizens, citizens groups, elected officials, government agencies, Fraternal Order of Police, LMPD officers and staff, members of the Civilian Review and Accountability Board, etc. He will also be busy hiring staff and setting up the IG office and policies and procedures. 

The resolution will be listed as New Business by the October 25th Metro Council deadline. It will have its first reading on October 28th, and then will be discussed in the Government Oversight and Audit Committee on November 2nd. The resolution goes to Metro Council for a ratification on November 11th.


From District 7 to Hollywood


Will Smith hitting a tie-breaking home run against the Colorado Rockies. Photo credit to Jeff Warrington (no changes made, license here).

When one thinks of Los Angeles, California, we certainly don't think of District 7 in Louisville, Kentucky. However, there is a big District 7 connection in LA, and he swings a bat and gears up at Dodger Stadium on a regular basis.

Will Smith, the starting catcher for the Dodgers, is a reigning World Series champion and is currently batting cleanup for Los Angeles. He is at the highest level of his sport and is a young and exciting player to watch. He is currently playing in the bright lights of Hollywood, but did you know he got his start right here in District 7 playing at St. Matthews Little League?

Will has been a clutch player for the Dodgers all season, and is known around the Majors for his level-headedness and maturity as a young player. Keep it going, Will. District 7 is proud of you!

COVID-19 Update


By Ben Guarino with the Washington Post

Earlier this week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention endorsed booster shots for people who received Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines. This means, starting today, Americans who are eligible because they are at risk of severe disease can sign up for a booster of any of the three vaccines authorized by the FDA. Yes, it is permissible to get a shot that's different from the original brand you received. If you have questions about mixing vaccines, The Post's FAQ has answers.

From the Office of Mayor Fischer

COVID-19 alert status: Red

Noting that Louisville remains in the “red” alert status for COVID-19, Mayor Fischer and Louisville Metro Public Health & Wellness leaders urge unvaccinated residents to discuss their concerns with a doctor or pharmacist. In addition, Public Health & Wellness on Tuesday announced additional sites where residents of identified ZIP Codes can pick up free rapid COVID-19 tests they can administer at home. Learn more about vaccinations at louisvilleky.gov/covid19 and more about free rapid tests for eligible residents at covidhometestlouisville.org.

Schedule Your COVID Vaccine Appointment


COVID Testing


Testing is critical to identifying and forecasting outbreaks, conducting contact tracing, and preventing the spread of COVID. Anyone with signs or symptoms should get tested, regardless of vaccination status. 

Click here to find a testing site


New Firefighters!

On Monday, Mayor Fischer administered the oath of office to the graduates of Louisville Fire Recruit Class 186, which included 40 new Louisville Fire Department firefighters.




Louisville Metro Government’s Accelerator Team has issued a request for information (RFI) proposal for Workforce Development programming, outlined in August as one of the top priorities for American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding. The information gathered from this RFI process will be used to develop a request for applications (RFA) for Workforce Development.

Louisville Metro is seeking proposals from organizations that align with the following outcomes:

  • Reducing unemployment;
  • Developing skills needed for high-growth industries and a 21st century workforce;
  • Growing our workforce to adequately meet the needs of current and future employers;
  • Catching up to and exceeding the growth in technology jobs compared to peer cities;
  • Aligning job skills with projected job growth in Louisville’s key sectors (especially healthcare and technology); and
  • Increasing the median income in Jefferson County and outpacing the national average.

Metro Government was allocated $388 million in ARP Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, approved by Congress to meet the most urgent needs of communities across the country as they rebuild from the devastating impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Mayor Fischer and his team appropriated $48 million to citywide projects. The remaining $340 million is being discussed and negotiated in workgroups with a focus on four priority areas: Homelessness and Affordable Housing, Workforce, Healthy Louisville/Healthy Neighborhoods and Public Safety.

Organizations interested in submitting a proposal are encouraged to register for Bonfire, a strategic sourcing software that digitizes and streamlines the entire RFI and RFA processes, thus making it more efficient and compliant.

Proposals will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Nov. 3rd, 2021.

Registering for Bonfire will allow access to quickly upload documents and other supplementary information requested by the RFI. This web-based tool will also allow users to get real-time notification of the RFI request and other notifications in the future.

When registering for Bonfire users will need to select the following commodity codes for Workforce Development: 91837, 91849, 96128, 92486, 91838, 92478, 92486.

Vendor registration and Submission:


Creating and Uploading a Submission:


Hillard Heintze LMPD Dashboard


In July of 2020, Mayor Fischer announced that consulting firm Hillard Heintze was to perform a top-to-bottom review of LMPD. The firm has a track record of helping agencies progress their policies and procedures. It has helped dozens of public safety and law enforcement agencies, and is among the nation’s leading public safety consulting firms. Its services have been used at the federal level, including by the Department of Justice. 

Hillard Heintze has since completed its review of LMPD and issued a report outlining its findings. The report concluded that there are changes LMPD must make in order to improve community safety, and some of these changes are pressing. As a part of new transparency efforts, LMPD has a dashboard on their website that allows citizens to track progress on the reform recommendations that resulted from the Hillard Heintze review. The dashboard lists 12 major focus areas for reforms. It tracks the progress of these reforms through the following statuses: Complete, In Process, Planning & Development and Under Review. Many of the changes will take time to implement, but there are some that have already been completed, such as changing the words in certain policies. 

Click here to access the dashboard and stay up to date on LMPD reform

Click here to read a story about the Dashboard

Can You Hear Me?


This past year and a half has been tough on all of us, and especially on our older citizens. As older citizens have needed to take more precautions to avoid getting COVID, many have become more isolated from others. Isolation can lead to negative mental health effects, which is why "Can You Hear Me?" hosted by Cheyenne Mize aims to help senior citizens become more connected through music, community and visualization. 

This show has brief guided breathing exercises accompanied by timeless music for listeners to sing along with. It also highlights voices of the community, and gives listeners a chance to submit their own thoughts, reflections and wisdom. The first episode features the Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. 

Listen here: canyouhearmelouisville.org

Call 502-286-3616 and leave a voicemail describing what a lovely day looks like for you!

Or click here to record a message on the website: https://anchor.fm/canyouhearmelouisville/message

Email contact: canyouhearmeradio@gmail.com

Subscribe to the email list: https://canyouhearmelouisville.org/contact

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day


National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is on October 23rd. If you have expired or unused prescription drugs, consider bringing them to one of the temporary or permanent locations above. Keeping drugs once they are no longer needed can create an unnecessary health risk. This Take Back Day, think about eliminating that risk altogether. 

St. Matthews Tree Planting


Now is the time to get on the spring tree planting list in St. Matthews. St. Matthews will plant free trees in rights-of-way for residents who call St. Matthews City Hall (895-9444) and request to be added to the list. Depending on the weather, St. Matthews Public Works will begin planting after the ground remains thawed in the spring. Tree planting not only beautifies the city, but contributes to the overall effort to support the tree canopy. In some situations, a request may not be filled. Examples of situations where planting may not be possible include: the presence of underground utilities or overhead lines, proximity to drainage catch basins and potential visual obstruction at an intersection.

To learn whether you are eligible, please call St. Matthews City Hall. There is also a Request-a-Tree form here.

Free Tree Giveaway


Looking for a new tree to plant? Check out this upcoming event on October 30th where you will have the chance to get a FREE tree. 

Some people may ask, "What good is it to plant just one or two trees?" I'm glad you asked.

1) Trees fight climate change. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is naturally occurring, but too much of it being in the atmosphere from human activity can have nefarious effects. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, causing global temperatures to increase, leading to things like drought, extreme weather events and melting of ice caps causing sea level rise. Trees combat this by capturing this greenhouse gas, and releasing oxygen which helps us all breathe easier. If enough trees are planted around the world, the effects of climate change can be mitigated.

2) Trees don’t just absorb CO2. They also absorb odors and pollutants like nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and ozone. It’s estimated that one tree can absorb nearly 10 pounds of polluted air each year and release 260 pounds of oxygen.

3) Studies of comparable homes with and without trees show that, if you have trees in your yard, your home’s value increases by up to 15 percent. It’s all about curb appeal, and trees make your home and yard more beautiful.

4) Trees provide nesting sites, food and shelter for your bird friends. Hang a feeder in one of the branches and enjoy the birdsong all year long. Squirrels love to make their homes in trees, too, and watching their antics is a great way to spend a lazy summer afternoon.

5) Trees can live hundreds of years, so when you plant one, you’re giving a gift to your children and grandchildren. It’s a symbol of your commitment to the environment and the beauty of the world around you that will live on far beyond your own lifetime.

6) Studies show that our stress levels drop and our mental health improves when we have green space and trees around us.

For all these reasons, consider planting a tree at your home!

Call Before You Dig


If you do pick up a free tree to plant in your yard, make sure to call 811 two full business days before you start digging. By using Kentucky 811’s free service and having the approximate location of our members’ buried utility lines marked on your property, you can prevent damage to your property, your neighborhood and yourself. 

Click here for more information.

Airport Job Fair


Click here for more information.


Halloween in Brown Park


Halloween in Brown Park will be held this Saturday, October 23, from 11 am to 3 pm. This is a free family fun event so bring your little ghosts and goblins to enjoy free games, rides, inflatables, music, and plenty of treats. Trick-or-Treating is scheduled to begin at 11:30 am where many businesses and organizations will be along the park path, with special treats for all.  Free Parking is available at the Baptist Health Doctor's Building, 4007 Kresge Way, across from the park.  Limited Accessible parking is offered in the Park parking lot. Please do not park on the hospital campus, or along Browns Lane. We look forward to seeing you and your family at the park this Saturday, and don't forget to wear your favorite costume to add to the fun.

City of Murray Hill Trick-Or-Treating


On Halloween night, from 6:00-8:00 pm, if you live in Murray Hill, simply turn your front porch light on to let the children know you are participating in handing out candy. Be very careful driving that evening as little ones sometimes run out into the street.

Trick-or-Treat at Northeast Library


Jack O'Lantern Spectacular Event


The Jack O'Lantern Spectacular Event is currently nightly until October 31st! The Walking Path returns this year!

You can support parks and enjoy a night of artistically carved pumpkins by attending our annual signature event  hosted in scenic Iroquois Park. 

For more information, or to purchase tickets, click here.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the MAC


Absolute Studio Theater at the Mellwood Art Center is happy to host The Rocky Horror Picture Show on October 23rd for the 9:00 pm show. This show will have a live band play beforehand. This is a shadow cast production and will be performed in a classic intimate setting. There is not a bad seat in the house and this will be a fun night for everyone. If the show is unable to run due to any unforeseen circumstances, tickets will be refunded. This show is run in a small locally owned venue and truly gives the feel of a classic Rocky show!

Click here for more information.

Louisville Taco Festival


Let's taco bout a delicious event! The Third Annual Taco Fest is happening on Fourth Street Live! Here you'll find 15 of the area's best restaurants & food purveyors dishing out a variety of $3 tacos (sold separately). There will be bars and beverage stations serving margaritas, tequila flights, ice cold beer, water, soda & more. In addition to all the food and drinks there will be Lucha Libre wrestling matches, giant yard games, hot pepper eating contests and more. This is a ticketed event.

Buy tickets early here.


Word Puzzles!


Can you guess the meaning of the puzzles? 

Safety Reminder:



Metro Louisville now has an interactive map that will allow you to see what is happening in your neighborhood as well as others across the city. The map updates daily and if you choose you can receive alerts for your area by subscribing using the red receive alerts button on the page.  Click here to try it out: Interactive Map to Track Crime.

LMPD 8th Division Crime Map

One theft from auto reported.




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Answers to the word puzzle:

Loss for words, No fun without u, Order up or Side order, Skating on thin ice (i's), an inside job, sign on the dotted line.