August 2020 Newsletter

Louisville, Muhammad Ali Center

August 2020 Newsletter

As cities across the country anticipate an unprecedented wave of evictions, we want to be sure to share some important resources available to Louisville renters, small-business owners and everyone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Besides the establishment of vital resources for Louisville residents, we are pleased to see the groundwork for innovative solutions such as the establishment of a Community Land Trust as well as review of the Land Development Code.  These measures will help ensure equitable housing solutions moving forward. Finally, we want to ensure citizens are aware of the resources available to them, so be sure to share the below resources with friends, family, and neighbors in need.

Rental Assistance

Funds are available to households making up to 80% of Area Median Income limits.  Please see the above chart for qualifications. Anyone with a pending court eviction or a past due notice from their landlord is encouraged to apply.  

Small Business Assistance 

In an effort to preserve the countless unique small businesses across Louisville Metro, the Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grants Program is available.  Eligible businesses who can demonstrate need can qualify for up to $50,000 in assistance.

One Louisville COVID-19 Response Fund

Up to $1,000 in funds are available for households, with a demonstrated need, that have lost income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Applications and supplemental documentation can be completed online.  Funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Energy and Utility Assistance

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Summer Cooling funds are available until October 31, or until funds are depleted.  Applicants must be Jefferson County residents whose household makes 60% or less of the Kentucky State Median Income.  Click the above link or call 502.991.8391 to begin.

MSD Wastewater Rate Assistance

Eligible applicants can receive a 10% reduction on MSD charges through July 31, 2021. Discount applies to MSD wastewater service charges, wastewater volume charges and consent decree surcharges. Total household income must be at or below 150% of the poverty line and with supporting documentation

Louisville Water Outstanding Debt Assistance

The Louisville water company has not suspended water service for late payments since the onset of the pandemic.  However, with over 12,000 late accounts, Louisville water Company has implemented Drops of Kindness, a catered payment solution that takes into account customer hardships as well as pairs them with community resources that can provide assistance. To learn more, click on the above link.  Call 502.583.6610 to get started with a customer care representative. 

Looking for Employment? Click here.

Visit the Kentuckiana Job Board, which is updated weekly, to find a wide range of opportunities.

Eviction Assistance

Youth Implementation Team is Now Taking Applications

Our One Love Louisville Youth Implementation Team looks to wrap up their 2019-2020 year and we could not be more proud of all they have achieved. While we are saddened to see them go, we are excited to welcome in a new group of youth and young adults to serve as the youth advisory council to Mayor Fischer. Each year, youth work to create a city of safe neighborhoods through civic engagement and advocacy. Members will benefit from:

  • Insight Into local government
  • Leadership development skills
  • The opportunity to meet leaders throughout Government, Community, Faith and Corporate organizations through various events and activities
  • Knowledge of city violence prevention efforts
  • The opportunity to have voices, thoughts and opinions heard
  • Resume building experiences
  • Ability to inform and impact others on a large scale
  • 40+ community service hours

The deadline for completing this application is August 28, 2020. Applicants must be Jefferson County residents aged 14-24. If you have any questions, please contact or 502-574-1903. To apply for the Youth Implementation Team, please click here. 

Virtual Events this Month

August 22 Ambassador Institute

Updated Itinerary

One Love Louisville Virtual Ambassador Institute

Turn your passion into action and learn the tools needed to make a difference in your own community! Our next Ambassador Institute will be August 22, 2020. In an effort to adapt to the virtual platform, we have shortened the institute.

Training will take place from 9:30AM-12:30PM. Participants will be trained in Mental Health 101, Suicide Prevention, Community Organizing, Conflict Resolution, and the Public Health Approach to Violence.

If you have ever wanted to join an institute, doing so is easier than ever! Registration for the event can be completed below.


Register for August's Ambassador Institute Here

Networking Night with Dr. Steven Kniffley

The Mayor's Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods (OSHN) is pleased to announce the return of the One Love Louisville Networking Nights! This is an opportunity for citizens to learn more about Violence Prevention efforts and resources in our community. Our Networking Nights create an environment for change agents to build a network of citizens interested in reducing violence. It provides space for continued development of violence prevention knowledge and resources with partners across the city.

During this Networking Night, you will hear from Dr. Steven Kniffley, Associate Director of the Collective Care Center. Dr. Kniffley will share about Race-Based Trauma and the mental health resources available in our community.

Networking Night

Register for September's Networking Night Here

OSHN Spotlight: THRIVE Fellowship

The Office for Safe and Heathy Neighborhoods leads and funds multiple innovative programs. Our monthly OSHN spotlight aims to inform about difference-making initiatives across our city.

THRIVE Fellowship
Cities United’s and the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods THRIVE Civic Engagement Fellowship is a 24-month experience with the goal of positioning  young, black men in civic leadership or public service positions where they can help disrupt the effects of poverty, lack of access to quality education, the impact of the criminal justice system, and barriers to basic human needs. The first cohort launched in October of 2018 and will conclude in October 2020. 
The Fellows have had numerous leadership and training opportunities. Now, they are transitioning to full-time roles outside the fellowship. Kenneth Rhodes, 26, has spoken on two national panels, served as in intern in Louisville Forward and was invited to attend CBMA's Promise of Place national meeting in Detroit. In May 2020, Kenneth accepted a position with Jefferson Memorial Forest. This summer he mentored Summerworks youth as they learned about horticulture and career opportunities in Louisville metro.                                                                                               
See for yourself how Kenneth is making a difference in our community in this MetroTV Highlight.

Online Learning

With limited trainings and in-person gatherings, here are some interesting learning opportunities to continue to grow and develop our collective understanding of violence.

Greenwood District in Tulsa

The Tulsa Massacre, Nearly 100 Years Later

99 years since Tulsa's famed "Black Wall Street" was the subject of a brutal massacre, victim's families are hopeful to finally get answers.  While the event was actively suppressed for years, recent public interest has generated renewed efforts to examine two burial sites.  Despite setbacks due to the pandemic, archeologists expect to move forward with excavation in the coming months.  Learn how civic leaders, archeologists, and decedents of victims are taking small steps to uncover the truth one century later.

The Beecher Terrace Story

The Beecher Terrace Story was filmed and produced by Lavel D. White of Blu Boi Entertainment.  The documentary was developed at the request of Louisville Metro Housing Authority to ensure that this historic apartment site's important role in shaping the Russell neighborhood and the city is not forgotten.

The Beecher Terrace Story

Stream the Beecher Terrace Story here, or watch it on KETKY on the following dates:

  • Monday September 7, 2020 9:00 pm ET
  • Thursday September 10, 2020 7:30 pm ET

Racism as a Public Health Issue

In the wake of civil unrest, multiple cities across the country have declared racism as a Public Health issue, a move that could free up funds to address structural violence.  Trinidad Jackson, Senior Research Associate at the UofL School of Public Health and Information Sciences, shows why Louisville should follow suit.  This July 15 presentation was broadcast over Metro TV and presented to Metro Council's Community Affairs, Health and Education Committee.

Land Development Code Diagnostic

The encompassing 952 page Land Development Code is the authority for requirements related to zoning, form districts, land use, building and site design, transportation, landscaping and signage in Jefferson County.  While it is not the most compelling read, the policy outlined is instrumental in ensuring equity across Jefferson County.  In order to ensure policies do not have disproportionate impacts, Mayor Fischer announced a review of the document last month.  In preparation for the review, initial findings have been outlined in a more manageable, 55 page document available here. 

Land Development Code

News and Announcements

Take the Census!

With the census deadline approaching on September 30, census-takers will begin visiting non-responding households. Completing the 2020 census will ensure that Louisville receives all the federal support that it is eligible for. Census data is used to determine funding for essential functions such as schools, hospitals, roads, and public works projects.  Additionally, the data is used to redraw legislative districts based on population shifts. 

To avoid an in-person visit, households can respond safely from home by using the online form  at; by phone at 844-330-2020; or by mailing back the paper questionnaire delivered to homes earlier in the year.  

The results of the 2020 census will inform decision making for the next decade.  Ensure that your community is impacted in a positive way by being counted.  Also, be sure to educate friends, family, and neighbors of the importance and necessity to complete the census by September 30.

Ambassador Workgroup is Underway

One Love Louisville Ambassadors, who have completed the Ambassador Institute, met for a Workgroup Kickoff meeting on August 6.  While some elements of the Workgroup are still being formed, the group's goal is simple; they will harness the collective resources of community leaders who will use their knowledge, experience, and connections to advise or implement neighborhood-level projects in their community.  Projects will aim to build social cohesion, address the built environment, or meet an expressed need in their neighborhood.  Additionally Workgroup members will continue to build on their violence prevention knowledge and resources and take a vested interest in Louisville's goal to reduce violence.  With a goal of completing 5-6 projects a year, Workgroup members are hopeful that it will show others that every person can make a difference in their community.

Workgroup meeting will be held on the first Thursday of every month. For interest in joining an Ambassador Workgroup meeting, or to get more information, email


West Main Street Mural

Stay Connected!

There is great work happening here in the office, and most importantly, in our community. It is our goal to keep you engaged, involved and co-leading our important work. Our vision for Louisville is a city of safe neighborhoods where everyone is supported, free of violence, and prepared for lifelong success. We can only achieve this together, so stay connected with our monthly newsletters, social media, and visit our website for more information and additional calls to action

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Take care of each other.