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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Over the last few days, I’ve seen the signs in Louisville’s streets and in D9 yards and heard from many constituents who are deeply worried about our City and our Country.  Some freely admit that they should have done more to address the unequal treatment of Black Americans and want to know what they can do now.  Some are angry.  Some think the situation is hopeless.  And many just want to be heard. 


Yesterday, a thoughtful constituent sent me this plea at the end of a series of emails about the tragic death of Breonna Taylor:

“I want you to know our perspective. It feels authoritarian. We are frightened. We feel as though our government and law enforcement are treating us as enemies. We just want accountability. I know that there isn't a simple button to press that holds people accountable, but perhaps, with whatever influence you are able to garner, you can move our city and society just a little bit closer to having a system that holds those in positions of authority, particularly law enforcement personnel, accountable.”

His email began by saying “I don't know what the chances are you are able to fully read and consider this email”. 

In truth, I can’t stop thinking about it.  As a White American, I can’t fully appreciate the history of systemic racism or the anguish people are feeling today.  But I can listen and hear the pleas of “Enough is Enough”. 

Police the Police

What can we do in Louisville? 

As I wrote last week, we need systemic change and a comprehensive, sustainable and independent civilian oversight system at LMPD.  I believe it should include an independent, civilian inspector general.  I am one of four Metro Council members serving on a work group studying civilian review models from across the country and we will be recommending changes for adoption by next month. It’s long overdue.

We can push for investigation of the LMPD, Kentucky State Police and National Guard actions this week – the tear gas and the decision to send vanloads of officers and the National Guard to a West End food mart.  I called for that Sunday night and a Metro Council committee will be doing that investigation.

We can end the use of no-knock warrants permanently, except in extraordinarily serious situations and even then under stringent controls.  Mayor Fischer has already suspended their use while Metro Council is moving forward with a permanent "Breonna's Law", which I hope will be passed by the full Council next week, and which I am co-sponsoring. 


We can demand an inclusive process for selecting the new Police Chief, as Mayor Fischer has stated will happen, and participate in that process.    

We can make sure that the top-to-bottom review of LMPD Mayor Fischer has called for is comprehensive, independent, substantive and inclusive, and that we make real changes based on its conclusions.  

We can push for changes in state laws, which now limit both the role of civilian review of police, and the options for and procedures for police discipline and terminations.

We can also really consider equity in our community and make real changes.  The effects of systemic racism are not confined to LMPD.  Life expectancies in our West End neighborhoods are dramatically lower than in other parts of the community, including the areas I represent.  We all know that, but what are we doing about it? 


Systemic change requires a citizenry that keeps pushing – and I hope you will continue to do that.  Please keep speaking up – including in situations you think I need to do something more or differently. 

My response to the constituent I quoted was to suggest that we personally talk and not just exchange emails.  One of the things all of us – especially elected officials – should be doing is listening more to voices like his.

We can’t let this moment pass without real change - and we can’t let it be hijacked by the small number of people who are looting, shooting at police or otherwise breaking the law. 

My constituent wants us to “move our city and society just a little bit closer to having a system that holds those in positions of authority, particularly law enforcement personnel, accountable.”  The truth is we all need to be held accountable. 

Vote – Request a Mail-In Ballot by June 15!


Kentucky has an important election on June 23, and everyone is being encouraged to vote by absentee ballot.  For the first time, you will not need an excuse to vote absentee.   

To vote absentee, voters must request mail-in ballots at GoVoteKY.Com before June 16 (11:59 pm on June 15 is the deadline). After you complete the simple form, a ballot will be mailed to you along with a postage paid envelope to return to the County Clerk after you vote. Mail-in ballots will have to be postmarked by June 23 and be received within three days of Election Day.

There will also be in-person advance voting and one polling place in Jefferson County on Election Day, at the Kentucky Exposition Center, but the easiest way for most people to vote, by far, is by mail. Post cards are being sent to Kentucky voters explaining the changes.

While Kentucky is a closed primary state and only registered voters of the Democratic or Republican Parties are eligible to vote in their party’s primary, there is an important Special Election in Kentucky’s 26th Senatorial district, which includes much of D9, to fill an unexpired term. Areas in yellow on this map are in Senate District 26. All voters in that district may vote in the Special Election.


Exercise your right to vote!

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