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April 22, 2020 - Earth Day Edition


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Earth Day's 50th Anniversary

Earth Day

Today we are recognizing a very important day that reminds us of the importance of sustainability in protecting our environment, our natural resources, and our people in face of great challenges. Today is the world's 50th Earth Day!

In honor of this climate action-themed day, Mayor Greg Fischer is releasing Louisville's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction and Prepare Louisville Climate Adaptation plans, both of which will reduce our city's contribution to climate change and increase resilience to extreme weather events and other climate change impacts.

Now, more than ever, we know that making the right decisions early in a crisis can – and will – save lives. Whether climate change or COVID-related, these shocks to our systems put our city to the test. The COVID-19 pandemic is a tragedy that has struck our global economy and local community, causing fear, isolation and even death; however, it has also demonstrated the strength of our community to face a crisis head-on with urgent action. We are resilient, and we will take up the challenge together. 

Mayor Fischer's Earth Day Special

Mayor Fischer will be hosting a special Facebook Live today, April 22nd at 2:00pm to hear about the initiatives Metro leaders and community organizations are taking to make Louisville a healthier, climate-resilient, and more sustainability city. Special guests will include Councilman Brandon Coan, Gretchen Milliken from the Office of Advanced Planning and Sustainability, Michelle King from the Air Pollution Control District, and Julia Murray from the Louisville Sustainability Council. 

To tune in to this Earth Day Special, click here

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan


Released today, Louisville's finalized Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan is a plan set Louisville on a path to reduce its community-wide emissions by at least 80% by 2050. It contains a list of potential strategies and best practices that are intended to be flexible in nature as new technologies are introduced, regulatory conditions change, and our connection with the global economy presents new opportunities.

To read the finalized plan, click here

Draft Prepare Louisville Climate Adaptation Plan

Seeking Public Comments until May 31

Prepare Louisville Cover

While the most catastrophic climate impacts can be avoided by reducing emissions, many others impacts are already underway.

Prepare Louisville is Louisville’s plan to reduce climate-related risk to both people and nature. Strategies and actions presented in the plan are designed to protect community members most at risk while building resilience across all people, businesses, and natural resources throughout the community.

Residents are encouraged to submit their feedback on the draft plan now through May 31.

Leadership in Community Resilience Program


Louisville is one of eight new cities selected to participate in the National League of Cities' 2020 Leadership in Community Resilience Program. As part of this program, Louisville Metro Government will receive $10,000 in direct financial support as well as technical assistance and advisory services from NLC partners to help us meet community-specific resiliency goals.

The eight cities selected for the 2020 Leadership in Community Resilience Program include: Arcata, CA; Camuy, PR; Cincinnati, OH; Columbia, MO; Jackson, MS; Louisville, KY; Missoula, MT, & Sarasota, FL. 

Submit a Building for the Kilowatt Crackdown!

Kilowatt Crackdown

Mayor Fischer and the Louisville Energy Alliance (LEA) are challenging businesses and institutions in the greater Louisville area to realize the benefits of energy efficiency by tracking and reducing their energy consumption through the Kilowatt Crackdown. Top honors will go to the most efficient buildings and the buildings making the greatest energy improvements, but all buildings striving to decrease their environment impact will be recognized.

The deadline to submit a building for the 2020 Kilowatt Crackdown has been extended to August 1, 2020 and the 2020 awards ceremony has been postponed. Please stay tuned for updates as the LEA works to reschedule this event during a time that is safe and healthy for everyone. 

Do Something Green Campaign

The Louisville Sustainability Council (LSC) has officially launched Do Something Green! Do Something Green is an in-depth, multifaceted campaign that includes a virtual pledging platform, extensive online resource library, and community Round-Up Program. This campaign will not only provide any and all green resources needed ranging from individual, to household, to business, but will also aid in the development and implementation of the LSC Microgrant Program- helping fund local environmental projects and initiatives throughout the city.

Do Something Green

Clearing the Air Workshop

Clearing the Air

The Air Pollution Control District (APCD) invites you to attend the first 2020 Clearing the Air workshop! Join APCD on Monday, April 27th from 6-7:30pm for a discussion on Louisville’s Air Quality and how APCD works to help keep the air clean. Workshops are free and open (virtually) to the public.

Link to Join Workshop:

For more information and updates about the workshops, visit APCD's website or follow them on twitter @LouAPCD.

Log Your Daily Telecommutes


Telework has never been more important or more relevant than now. Telework and telecommuting help our community by reducing congestion and improving air quality by taking the commute out of the equation. When we telecommute, we all benefit.

By logging your daily commute, you will immediately see your gas & mileage savings as well as the difference you have made in emission reductions for our region.  

Are you teleworking? If so, you can join the Kentuckiana challenge & log your daily "work from home" commutes. Register today at

Car-Free Parks

Car Free Parks

Starting April 8th, the city has banned motor vehicles from the loop roads in Iroquois, Cherokee, and Chickasaw parks.The parks will remain open and accessible to walkers, runners, and bicyclists who want to get fresh air and exercise during the COVID-19 shutdowns as long as they stay 6 feet apart and follow CDC guidelines.

For more information on the closures, visit Olmsted Parks Conservancy

Earth Day 2020 Tips

Reducing Your Waste


Ever since the coronavirus outbreak hit America, there has been a significant increase in the amount of garbage littering our streets and parking lots, including food packaging, plastic bags, masks and gloves. You can help reduce this waste by order by recycling your take-out boxes, cup and retainers.

To learn how you can properly prepare your recycling, check out this 1-minute video from Louisville MetroTV. 

If you're still confused about what you can and can’t recycle, Rainbow Blossom will be hosting a Zero Waste Series LIVE on the Louisville Waste District website! Click here to watch the class on April 23 from 7-8pm. 

Buying Local Food

Logan St Market

Did you know that supporting local businesses also helps reduce our carbon emissions? By shopping locally-produced, you are purchasing goods produced in your local community. Conversely, when you shop at the grocery store, many of the food items you buy travel over 1500 miles to reach your plate. By cutting down on these miles, you are reducing the environmental impact of your food while also keeping your favorite local food markets and restaurants in business.

Now more than ever, a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) share is the perfect way to connect with your local farmers and find the freshest, seasonal produce in Louisville. To see a list of participating CSA farms that are offering delivery and pickup, click here

For a list of local businesses that are currently offering curb-side pickup, click here.

Helpful Resources

LCAN's Tips for a Healthy Earth Day

Earth Day Activities

The Louisville Climate Action Network (lCAN) has put together 12 ideas for celebrating Earth Day from home.  From downloading a tree or bird app to trying a new meatless recipe, you can celebrate Earth Day by staying healthy at home.

Choose at least one to mark your love for the Earth!

EPA's Earth Day Activities for Kids

Recycle Game

Looking for educational ways to keep your kids entertained on Earth Day?

Visit EPA's Environmental Educational Resources Guide for a fun list of activity books, puzzles and games that will teach your children, ages K-12, the importance of a clean, healthy environment and the steps they can take to help protect it. 

leed for cities

Louisville is rated as a LEED City for its sustainability achievements. The rating was awarded in November 2018 by U.S. Green Building Council when the STAR Community Rating System was fully integrated into LEED for Cities and Communities certification programs.