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Donna Purvis


Denise Bentley

Legislative Assistant


City Hall Office

601 West Jefferson Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40202

(502) 574-1105

Crime Maps Available Online:

You can map crime in Louisville using our interactive mapping tool. Just click here to view the crime maps or to sign up for the new crime notifications.

The maps are updated every hour.

Phone Numbers of Interest

Metro Call: 311 or 574-5000

Air Pollution: 574-6000

Animal Services: 363-6609 or 361-1318

Economic Development: 574-4140

Planning & Design Services: 574-6230

Community Services & Revitalization: 574-4377

Public Works: 574-5810

TARC: 585-1234

PARC: 569-6222

Legal Aid: 584-1254

IPL (Code Enforcement): 574-3321

Congressman John Yarmuth: 582-5129

Solid Waste Management (SWMS): 574-3571

Metro Parks: 456-8100

Metro Police: (Non Emergency)574-7111 or 574-2111

LMPD 1st Division:  574-7167

LMPD 2nd Division: 574-2478

Anonymous Tipline:574-LMPD (5673)

Metro Safe: 572-3460 or 574-7111

Master Commissioner Jefferson Circuit Court (Foreclosure Sales): 753-4888


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In This Issue...

Hello from Donna!


The last nine months have been challenging and rewarding . Our office has filtered tons of calls and requests as well as navigating through a difficult budget process. Now that things are calm, I wanted to focus on communicating with you and keeping all the residents of District 5 in the loop. 

We have an open door policy and will attempt to get you answers when asked. Please feel free to contact me directly through email if I can ever be of assistance. 




Speed humps, sidewalks and street lights

Our office has received many calls requesting sidewalks, speed humps and street lights and we appreciate the requests. I do want to help the district understand the Speed Hump process:

1. Call the office at 502-574-1105 to make the request.

2. We will send the request to Public Works to do a study. Please note, all streets do no qualify

3. If the street qualifies then someone on the block must champion the effort by getting homeowners to vote "yes" to speed humps, it takes a vote of 70% or greater.

4. Once the ballots are retuned, we then need to find the funding for the speed humps which cost about $2100.00 each hump.

This office wants to make our streets as safe as possible, however we can not always deliver because of circumstances we cannot control.

We hope this helps!

Neighborhood News

While the weather is great, I want to meet with you and your neighbors on the Front Porch. I have done several Front Porch chats in the district and the information I gather is unbelievable!!

So, if you want to set up a Front Porch chat with you and a few neighbors, please call the office at 502-574-1105 to schedule.

Together we can change this district one Front Porch at a time

Talk with Donna

Want to Talk...?

I am at the Kroger in Portland every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month from 9am-noon. This is your opportunity to meet with me and we can talk one on one. If this time doesn't work please feel free to call the office at 502-574-1105 for other times and locations.

Please stop by!


Community Walk

Join us as we walk on Tuesday, Sept. 17th at 6:00 pm. We are meeting at the 22nd and Rowan. Please join Councilwoman Purvis, LMPD and others as we walk and address the neighborhood concerns. Hope to see you there!