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In this issue...

Message from Councilwoman McCraney


It’s Derby in the Ville!

I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like me and most of the people in Louisville, Kentucky, you love Derby. When I speak of loving Derby, I’m not just referring to the race itself. No, I’m talking about the weeks and days leading up to Derby Day. Yes, Derby starts a couple weeks before the first Saturday in May.

Before the 3-year-old Thoroughbreds hit the track in what is arguably the most exciting 2 minutes in sports, and before 150,000 guests arrive in our city, and before homeowners near Central Avenue place “Park Here” signs in their yards, we have hats to purchase, outfits to coordinate, parties to attend, and fireworks and parades (Pegasus and Oak’s Day Breast Cancer Survivors) to watch. Derby is a two-week holiday for most.

derby bed race

Derby, as it’s done by the locals, is an excuse to celebrate. We do it all --- bed races, rubber duck races, and rat races. Yes, a rat race it is! Employers have adjusted to the lack-luster production of staff, and retailers count on the blockbuster sales of the season. This rat race we call Derby is almost like a lifestyle of the rich and famous. We compete aggressively with each other to see who has the fanciest hat, who attends the most parties, and who can drink the most mint juleps. But the real competition is in betting on a handicapped race and the skill of predicting which horse can overcome its handicap.


Speaking of handicapping races, I’m thinking about a wonderful man who loved horse racing, and who helped so many of us for twenty years understand the art of betting the races. John Asher, a beloved Churchill Downs employee and horse racing aficionado, passed away in August 2018. His knowledge of the Kentucky Derby and his profound passion for Churchill Downs and his job as its spokesperson highlighted what’s best about our community. He was a gentle giant and a true public servant. He is missed. (See picture of several government officials at the dedication ceremony to name the corner of 4th & Central Ave. John Asher Way. It was a fitting honor for someone who gave so much of his time, talents and treasures to help others.)


So, as much as we like to celebrate this Kentucky holiday, I’m sure for some, this time of the year is challenging as well. Some don’t have the money to celebrate as they’d like, some don’t have the time because – believe it or not – some folks have to actually work (as opposed to some of us who give a part of ourselves to our jobs during the two-week celebratory season), and some are mourning the loss of a loved one.

We have legitimate reasons to celebrate - birthdays, births, winning an award, an anniversary, the completion of a project, or the accomplishment of a goal. While each of these occasions can be fun to celebrate, we don't have to wait for them to happen to feel justified in our celebration

Sometimes the best thing for us to celebrate is the mere fact that we've made it to this point in life, especially if things have been challenging and contentious, which for many of us they have been recently and/or at times in our lives.

Celebrating is a way of life, so enjoy yourself to the fullest this Derby “holiday season.” As you celebrate, don’t forget to stop for a moment and think of all the things (big and small) that you can celebrate about your life right now. A grateful heart makes for a healthier heart. Once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you think you lack. Happy Derby District 7!


City of the Month - Lyndon

lyndon 2


The City of Lyndon was incorporated in 1965 to avoid annexation by St. Matthews. Today, there are approximately 12,000 residents in Lyndon.

Mayor Brent Hagan is in his third year serving as Mayor of Lyndon. “I was compelled to serve out of the love I have for Lyndon.”

He was appointed by the Lyndon Council. "The previous Mayor of 27 years decided to retire mid-term, so I fulfilled her two-year term. In the last election, I was on the ballot and unopposed,” he said.

He is optimistic about the new Northeast Regional Library that will be in Lyndon. Lyndon granted the Louisville Free Public Library Foundation and the Northeast Regional Library a half million-dollar grant. “When that library opens it will have benefited the library with several books and materials for that library,” said Mayor Hagan.

Lyndon also acquired a property on Lyndon Lane which was vacant and undeveloped for park-like space. “It’s been described as potentially being this area’s newest four seasons venue,” Mayor Hagan said.

There will be events that can be held outdoors there year-round like farmers markets, flea markets, festivals, food truck days and Christmas tree sales. “We’re excited to see what we can bring to Lyndon,” he said.

Hagan has a confident vision for Lyndon. “I would like to see Lyndon become a more connected community. I would like us to create more sidewalks, and make sure the major thoroughfares are safe for walkers to the school and to the new library,” he said.  Mayor Hagan looks forward to building coalitions as Lyndon grows. “Lyndon looks forward to working with the state government and Louisville Metro Government on completing projects.” Mayor Hagan said.

There are also many exciting upcoming events in Lyndon. The Lyndon Summer Festival is a two-day event, June 14 and June 15 at Robsion Park. “It’s free for everyone and there are a number of bands and vendors. There is also a fireworks show on Saturday,” Mayor Hagan said.  

Robsion Park also has a newly expanded splash pad that opens Memorial Day weekend. Additionally, there is a new pavilion with umbrellas for shade. “Robsion Park is a jewel of our community that should be shared and enjoyed by everyone,” said Mayor Hagan.

Mayor Hagan is proud of the local, home-grown businesses in Lyndon. Joe’s Older than Dirt has returned as the local hot spot it once was, and is complimented by Holsopple Brewing, a neighborhood microbrewery in Lyndon. The Corner Café is a long-standing restaurant staple in Lyndon that residents adore. The Bob Ray Tree Company, Inc. is one of the largest tree care companies in the United States. Bob Ray was born in Lyndon and is a life-long resident.

District 7 Resident of the Month - Becky Ricketts

becky ricketts

Becky Ricketts has been living in District 7 for a little over 18 years, and she wouldn’t trade it for the world. “I’m from Louisville originally. I left about 24 years and moved to the upstate New York area. Then, I moved back home about 21 years ago, and I’ve been in District 7 for about 18 of those 21 years,” said Ms. Ricketts.

She lives in Lyndon by Witawonga, Etawah, and Blue Vale. “If you look at an old plotting map, then you’ll see there is some neighborhood name for the area, but we proudly identify as living in the city of Lyndon,” Ms. Ricketts said.

Becky is involved in Rotary Club International. Although they meet outside of District 7, they are classified as an international organization.  She works for Senior Care Experts, and has dedicated her time to the organization for the last ten years. “The work I do with Senior Care Experts is my heart and soul,” she said. Senior Care Experts is a non-profit agency that helps seniors live independently at home. They provide meals, non-medical services, and offer different resources to seniors on a sliding scale.  Her passion for working with seniors overflows outside of the workplace. “I have a 95-year-old father that I love and help out,” said Ms. Ricketts.

After Ms. Ricketts spends her time helping seniors in need, she spends additional time as council member for the city of Lyndon. She has served on the council for about ten years after she went to the council for help. “There was an instance when I went to the council for help when developers were building homes near me in 2000. The council heard me and my neighbors and immediately acted in our favor. As a result, I thought that the council was really kind of neat, and I ran about a year later,” she said.

Ms. Ricketts is a true community servant. She initially served the Lyndon City Council for four years, and lost when she ran for reelection by eighteen votes, and subsequently ran again two years later and won. “I still stayed involved and kept my ear to the ground with the community during my time out of office,” said Ms. Ricketts.

Ms. Rickett’s passion for helping others, and sense of community service was instilled in her by her parents. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. “My parents raised me to be community minded and active in the community. My father was a council member in St. Regis Park, and my parents volunteered a lot as well,” she said.

In her spare time, she plays tennis one night a week at Louisville Racquet Club in Plantation. Ms. Ricketts also enjoys Holshoppel Brewing. “There’s always a great person to meet and talk to when you go there,” she said.

She’s fascinated by the community of Lyndon and loves the small-town feel. “It really spoke to me. I love living in Lyndon.”

Business of the Month - Southern Classic Rentals


Drew Holnagel founded and established Southern Classic Rentals in 2014. Southern Classic Rentals specializes in chairs, tables, and bars. “We are a rental company for weddings and special events. We carry all wooden products. We also sell one-of-a-kind custom furniture that I build that you can’t buy anywhere else,” said Mr. Holnagel.

Drew and his team just moved to Moorland in District 7 this past fall. “I think it’s great. I really love District 7, the people, and all it has to offer,” he said.

Mr. Holnagel’s mother, Marty Holnagel, founded a wedding planning company called Unveiled Detail. That really inspired Drew’s business acumen. “I was around a lot of weddings when I was growing up. I helped Mom with weddings when she needed it,” he said.

Mr. Holnagel found a gap in the market and jumpstarted his business by renting chairs. “I’ve been into woodworking for some years now so I hand built some tables and added them to my repertoire,” he said.

Each year Mr. Holnagel adds more styles of chairs, different tables, new bars, and additional items to his inventory.  His diverse inventory allows him to supply a wide variety of events. “We do corporate events, and all types of private events. Right now 80% of our business is weddings but we’re open to working with anyone for any type of event,” said Mr. Holnagel.

Drew also said Southern Classic Rentals is providing rentals for a number of big-ticket Derby events this weekend. They’re all over town at great locations. “We had one event at Churchill Downs on Monday, a big event at Jim Beam, and we have one at the Omni. We also have one at Peerless Distillery,” he said.

Southern Classic is supplying items for the high-dollar events and private, local events too. “The smallest event we have is a private dinner for twenty people,” said Mr. Holnagel.

Mr. Holnagel and his company are very competitive in their market. “One reason we are so attractive is that we have flat rates. We delver and set up the rental items, while most rental companies simply drop off 400 chairs and leave without setting anything up,” Mr. Holnagel said.

Mr. Holnagel is enthusiastic about the work he’s doing while Southern Classic Rentals continues to expand. “We have doubled in growth every year, and expect to do so again this year,” said Mr. Holnagel.

Southern Classic Rentals is currently expanding by taking custom commissions for tables and furniture. “People really love my products and want them for their homes and businesses,” said Mr. Holnagel.

Learn more about Southern Classic Rentals at www.southernclassicrentals.com, or call 640-4998.

Document Shredding & Drug Toss - May 11

senior care experts

Last Day to Request an Absentee Ballot is Friday, May 3


Kentucky Primary Election Day is May 21, 2019. The last day to request an absentee ballot for the May 21 primary is Friday, May 3.  

Mailed in Absentee Ballots
The application for an absentee ballot must be requested, complete and returned to Jefferson County Election Center office no later than close-of-business SEVEN days before the election to receive a ballot.

Online: https://www.jeffersoncountyclerk.org/AbsAppRequest
Email: Absentee@JeffersonCountyClerk.org

The ballot must be returned via mail to County Clerk's Office, and must be in the County Clerk's office no later than on Election Day, Tuesday May 21 (not just postmarked on that day).  

Sample ballots for Jefferson County: http://jeffersoncountyclerk.org/wheredoivote/  

Sample ballots in Kentucky http://apps.sos.ky.gov/electionballots/  

Early In-House Absentee Voting in Jefferson County
Registered voters who will be absent from Jefferson county on Election Day (Tuesday, May 21, 2019) can vote their ballot early at Election Center, 701 West Ormsby Avenue, Room 301 (near 7th and Oak Streets). Other people who can vote early include: a woman in her last trimester of pregnancy, a person or their spouse who is scheduled to have surgery on election day and those people because of age, illness or disability is not able to go to the polls on election day.  

In-house Absentee Voting at 701 West Ormsby:
Now to Monday, May 20, 2019 from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

May 11, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
May 18, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  

For more information:
Jefferson County Election Center
Telephone: 502.574.6100  
Fax: 502.574.5014
E-mail: Elections@JeffersonCountyClerk.org  

Kentucky Board of Elections
Telephone: 502-573-7100   
Fax: 502-573-4369  

VOTE because your future depends on it



In case you’ve noticed the LG&E and contract labor trucks in the neighborhood near Chippenham Road and Washburn Ave., here’s the reason: LG&E is enhancing the gas system by extending the gas main to approximately 10 residents from 7107 Chippenham Rd. to the entrance at Washburn who did not have access to the gas main. Once the work is completed, those residents can contact LG&E to sign up for gas services and contract with a plumber to run the gas lines. Of course, if you switch from electric to gas, you’ll have to get new appliances (a great reason to go shopping)! Our office was told that everyone else in Windhurst Acres already has access to the gas main. If you are interested in signing up for gas, call LG&E at (502) 627-3740.

LIBA Weird Networking at Amish Hills - May 7


The 8th Annual How-To Festival - May 11


Bike Together Day - May 17

bike day

Bike Louisville is hosting Bike Together Day! Register here.

When you select any FREE ticket, you will be entered to win a new commuter bicycle from Parkside BikesMaybe you are biking to work, maybe not. Wherever you are going, let's bike together. 

Fourth Street Live has arranged free donuts, and Heine Brothers will supply free coffee in the morning for those who ride in.

New this year:

The YMCA of Greater Louisville has generously offered access to their branches on May 17th to anyone registered for Bike Together Day. You will be able to go to the Y without a membership to take a shower before work! All 11 YMCA locations are participating, so you can find a Y location close to your destination. This offer is valid May 17th only, so if you've ever wondered what the Y is all about, this is a great opportunity to check it out. Photo ID is required.

Full-serve Recycling Closed on Derby Day


The four full-service Metro Recycling centers and our Haz-Bin hazardous waste center will be closed this Saturday May 4. They will reopen on Tuesday, May 7. Our Self-service centers near our district, listed below, are not affected and will be available Saturday as usual. They are available 24 hours a day except as noted.

Mary T. Meagher Park

201 Reservoir Ave

Metro Fire Company

2900 Hikes Lane

Beechmont Community Center

205 W. Wellington Avenue

Metro Parks Maintenance

1297 Trevilian Way

Bowman Field Driver’s License Branch

3501 Roger E. Schupp Street



District 7 Public Notices

public notice

public notice




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Definition: A person who is always late because they believe they have more time than they do.

Are you always missing the bus or missing the start of movies, or making people wait? If you answered yes, you might be a tidsoptimist. Pronounced [tid-sop-tuh-mist], Tidsoptimist is a word of Swedish origin that refers to a person who thinks he or she has more time than they actually do,
and thus, are habitually late.

Quote of the Week

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm possible.” 
--- Audrey Hepburn

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